Gender/body/knowledge : feminist reconstructions of being and knowing / edited by Alison M. Jaggar and Susan R. Bordo
Libro | Rutgers University Press | 1989

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vi, 376 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Includes bibliographical references.
The Body, the Self -- The Body and the Reproduction of Femininity: A Feminist Appropriation of Foucault / Susan R. Bordo -- Power, Sexuality, and Intimacy / Muriel Dimen -- The Politics of Writing (the) Body: Ecriture Feminine / Arleen B. Dallery -- (Re)presentations of Eros: Exploring Female Sexual Agency / Eileen O'Neill -- The Uses of Myth, Image, and the Female Body in Re-visioning Knowledge / Donna Wilshire -- Healing the Wounds: Feminism, Ecology, and Nature/Culture Dualism / Ynestra King -- Feminist Ways of Knowing -- Love and Knowledge: Emotion in Feminist Epistemology / Alison M. Jaggar -- Women and Caring: What Can Feminists Learn about Morality from Caring? / Joan C. Tronto -- The Radical Future of a Classic Moral Theory / Lynne S. Arnault -- Feminism and the Reconstruction of Social Science / Sondra Farganis -- From Aristotle's Dualism to Materialist Dialectics: Feminist Transformation of Science and Society / Ruth Berman -- The Project of Feminist Epistemology: Perspectives from a Nonwestern Feminist / Uma Narayan -- Revisioning Method -- Toward a Feminist Research Method / Rhoda Linton -- Procne's Song: The Task of Feminist Literary Criticism / Donna Perry -- Chinamerican Women Writers: Four Forerunners of Maxine Hong Kingston / Amy Ling -- Feminist Theory and Standardized Testing / Phyllis Teitelbaum -- The Changer and the Changed: Methodological Reflections on Studying Jewish Feminists / Sherry Gorelick.
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