Reconstruction; an anthology of revisionist writings / edited by Kenneth M. Stampp and Leon F. Litwack
Libro | Louisiana State University Press | 1969

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xii, 531 pages ; 23 cm
Introduction : the tragic legend of Reconstruction / Kenneth M. Stampp -- pt. I. Lincoln, Johnson, and Reconstruction. The friend of freedom / Richard N. Current -- Andrew Johnson, outsider / Eric L. McKitrick -- Johnson and the Negro / LaWanda and John H. Cox -- pt. II. The radical republicans. Northeastern business and radical Reconstruction : a re-examination / Stanley Coben -- The "conspiracy theory" of the fourteenth amendment / Howard Jay Graham -- The ballot and land for the freedmen, 1861-1865 / James M. McPherson -- Negro suffrage and Republican politics : the problem of motivation in Reconstruction historiography / LaWanda and John H. Cox -- pt. III. The freedmen. "The old allegiance" / Willie Lee Rose -- The meaning of freedom / Joel Williamson -- pt. IV. Radical reconstruction in the South. Carpetbaggers reconsidered / Richard N. Current -- The carpetbagger as corruptionist : Henry Clay Warmoth / Richard N. Current -- The scalawag in Mississippi Reconstruction / David Donald -- Persistent Whiggery in the Confederate South, 1860-1877 / Thomas B. Alexander -- Who were the scalawags? / Allen W. Trelease -- Desegregation in New Orleans public schools during Reconstruction / Louis R. Harlan -- The Negro and politics, 1870-1875 / Vernon Lane Wharton -- Social and economic forces in Alabama Reconstruction / Horace Mann Bond -- Southern Reconstruction : a radical view / Jack B. Scroggs -- Black Reconstruction / W. E. B. DuBois -- pt. V. The collapse of Reconstruction. The revolution of 1875 / Vernon Lane Wharton -- The waning of radicalism / W. R. Brock -- The political legacy of Reconstruction / C. Vann Woodward.
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