Feminism : opposing viewpoints / Jennifer A. Hurley, book editor.
Libro | Greenhaven Press | 2001

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202 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
Opposing viewpoints series
Opposing viewpoints series (Unnumbered)
Includes bibliographical references (pages 196-197) and index.
Women are the victims of sexism / Andrea C. Poe -- Women are not the victims of sexism / Christina Hoff Sommers -- Women face discrimination in the workplace / Ida L. Castro -- Claims that women face discrimination in the workplace are exaggerated / Elizabeth Fox-Genovese -- Violence against women is a serious problem / Ann Jones -- Feminists have overstated the problem of violence against women / Rene Denfeld -- Women are harmed by societal standards of beauty / Germaine Greer -- Women are not harmed by societal standards of beauty / Karen Lehrman -- Feminism has expanded women's choices / Elinor Burkett -- Feminism has limited women's choices / Danielle Crittenden -- The sexual revolution has harmed women / F. Carolyn Graglia -- Feminism has caused the breakdown of the family / Leslie Anne Carbone -- Feminism supports the family / Phyllis Chesler -- The feminist movement is dead / Ginia Bellafante -- The feminist movement is not dead / Part I: Marcia Ann Gillespie, Part II: Carolyn Waldron -- Feminism has abandoned its original principles / Charles Krauthammer -- Feminism has not abandoned its original principles / Susan Faludi -- Feminists should suport abortion rights / Anne Roiphe -- Feminists should oppose abortion / Maureen Jones-Ryan -- Feminists should work to restrict pornography / Diana Russell, interviewed by Ann E. Menasche -- Feminists should work to protect pornography / Wendy McElroy -- Feminists should seek international rights for women / Jennie Ruby and Karla Mantilla -- Feminists should not seek international rights for women / Paul Craig Roberts -- Women's less than full equality under the U.S. Constitution / Patricia Ireland -- Women would not benefit from changes to the U.S. Constitution / Concerned Women for America.
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