The lord of the rings / by J.R.R. Tolkien
Fellowship of the ring.
Book | Houghton Mifflin Co. | 1994 | One volume edition.

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One volume edition.
xviii, 1137 pages (7 pages of maps.) : illustrations ; 23 cm
"Note on the text copyright 1987 by Houghton Mifflin Company, revised note on the text copyright 1994 by Douglas A. Anderson"--T.p. verso.
Includes indexand appendices.
Fellowship of the ring: Book one: Long-expected party -- Shadow of the past -- Three is company -- Short cut to mushrooms -- Conspiracy unmasked -- Old Forest -- In the house of Tom Bombadil -- Fog on the Barrow-downs -- At the sign of the Prancing Pony -- Strider -- Knife in the dark -- Flight to the ford -- Book two: Many meetings -- Council of Elrond -- Ring goes south -- Journey in the dark -- Bridge of Khazad-dum -- Lothlorien -- Mirror of Galadriel -- Farewell to Lorien -- Great river -- Breaking of the fellowship -- Two towers: Book three: Departure of Boromir -- Riders of Rohan -- Uruk-hai -- Treebeard -- White rider -- King of the golden hall -- Helm's deep -- Road to Isengard -- Flotsam and jetsam -- Voice of Saruman -- Palantir -- Book four: Taming of Smeagol -- Passage of the marshes -- Black Gate is closed -- Of herbs and stewed rabbit -- Window on the west -- Forbidden pool -- Journey to the cross-roads -- Stairs of Cirith Ungol -- Shelob's lair -- Choices of Master Samwise -- Return of the king:Book five: Minas Tirith -- Passing of the grey company -- Muster of Rohan -- Siege of Gondor -- Ride of the Rohirrim -- Battle of the Pelennor fields -- Pyre of Denethor -- Houses of healing -- Last debate -- Black Gate opens -- Book six: Tower of Cirith Ungol -- Land of shadow -- Mount Doom -- Field of Cormallen -- Steward and the king -- Many partings -- Homeward bound -- Scouring of the Shire -- Grey havens.
Appendices: Annals of the kings and rulers: Numenorean kings -- House of Eorl -- Durin's folk --Tale of years (Chronology of the westlands) -- Family trees (Hobbits) -- Calendars -- Writing and spelling: Pronunciation of words and names -- Writing -- Languages and peoples of the third age -- On translation -- Indexes: Songs and verses -- Persons, beasts and monsters -- Places -- Things.
The fellowship of the ring -- The two towers -- The return of the king.
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Fellowship of the ring.
Two towers.
Return of the king.
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