The plug-in drug : television, computers, and family life / Marie Winn
Book | Penguin Books | 2002 | Twenty-fifth anniversary edition, completely revised and updated.

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Twenty-fifth anniversary edition, completely revised and updated.
xx, 332 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm
Includes bibliographical references (page 303) and index.
It's not what you watch -- A changed state of consciousness -- The power of the medium -- The experts -- Television and violence: a different approach -- Television for tots -- Television and the brain -- Television and play -- Defense of reading -- Television and school -- Before television -- Free time and resourcefulness -- Family life -- Computers in the classroom -- Home electronics -- Out of control -- Gaining control -- TV turnoffs -- No-TV families -- The television generation.
Marie Winn demonstrates that television has a negative impact on child development, school achievement, and family life. But rather than focusing on program improvement as a solution, Winn proposes that the problem lies within the seductive act of TV watching itself. Winn argues that extensive TV watching alters children's relations with the real world, depriving them of far more valuable real life experiences, especially playing and reading. Ever sympathetic to parents' need for relief, Winn proposes ways to control this addictive medium and live with it successfully. This 25th anniversary edition addresses the variety of new electronic media that have supplemented television in the home, such as computers in the classroom, video games, the VCR, and television programming for babies. Based on interviews with parents, teachers, and child specialists, The Plug-In Drug persuades parents and educators alike to reexamine their attitudes about the role of television in their children's lives -- and in their own.
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