Monarch butterfly biology & conservation / edited by Karen S. Oberhauser and Michelle J. Solensky
Libro | Cornell University Press | 2004

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viii, 248 pages : illustrations ; 27 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Overview of monarch breeding biology / Karen S. Oberhauser -- Temporal and geographical variation in monarch densities : citizen scientists document monarch population patterns / Michelle D. Prysby and Karen S. Oberhauser -- Effects of female age, female mass and nutrients from males on monarch egg mass / Karen S. Oberhauser -- Natural enemies and survival of monarch eggs and larvae / Michelle D. Prysby -- Effects of monarch larval host plant chemistry and body size on Polistes wasp predation / Linda S. Rayor -- The effect of fire ants on monarchs breeding in Texas / by William H. Calvert -- Effects of milkweed latex and cardenolides on foraging and maintenance behaviors of first instar monarch butterfly larvae / Tammi Hoevenaar and Stephen B. Malcolm -- Behavioral and genetic components of male mating success in monarchs / Michelle J. Solensky and Karen S. Oberhauser -- Survival of experimental cohorts of monarch larvae following exposure to transgenic Bt corn pollen and anthers / by Laura C.H. Jesse and John J. Obrycki -- Migration / Michelle J. Solensky -- Monarch butterflies' migratory behavior persists despite changes in environmental conditions / Sandra M. Perez and Orley R. Taylor -- Stopover ecology of monarchs in coastal Virginia : using ornithological techniques to study monarch migration / Andrew K. Davis and Mark S. Garland -- Characteristics of fall migratory monarch butterflies, Danaus plexippus, in Minnesota and Texas / Jane Borland ... [et al.].
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Monarch butterfly biology and conservation
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