Encyclopedia of dog breeds / D. Caroline Coile ; illustrations by Michele Earle-Bridges.
Book | Barron's Educational Series | 2005 | Second edition.

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Second edition.
xv, 352 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 30 cm
At head of title: Barron's.
Includes index.
Right dog: From the dog family to the family dog -- Body and soul -- Are they good with children? -- How to use the breed profiles -- Profiles of the breeds: Sporting group -- Hound group -- Working group -- Terrier group -- Toy group -- Non-sporting group -- Herding group -- Appendix -- Definitions of medical conditions -- Canine genetic health resources -- Glossary -- Dog anatomy -- Index of breed entries.
Updated with the latest information on canine breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club, this lavishly illustrated volume is a treasure house of information for dog lovers, owners, breeders, and prospective buyers. It begins with a detailed discussion of breed evolution, focusing on the physical and behavioral traits that distinguish one canine breed from another. The book's main section profiles more than 150 breeds, arranged in the general categories specified by the AKC--Sporting Group, Hound Group, Working Group, Terrier Group, Toy Group, Non-Sporting Group, and Herding Group. Each profile tells how and why the breed was developed, and how selection to perpetuate specific traits affects a dog's suitability as a pet. Advice for prospective dog owners will help them be sure they are choosing a breed that is compatible with their own situation and needs. They will also find information on each breed's vulnerability to specific health problems, longevity, exercise needs, compatibility with children, and much more. Profuse illustrations include color photos of all listed breeds.
From the dog family to the family dog -- Body and soul -- Are they good with children? -- How to use the breed profiles -- The sporting group -- The hound group -- The working group -- The terrier group -- The toy group -- The non-sporting group -- The herding group -- Appendix.
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Barron's encyclopedia of dog breeds
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