New knits on the block : a guide to knitting what kids really want / Vickie Howell ; photography by Cory Ryan
Book | Sterling Pub. | 2005

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120 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 26 cm
Includes index.
Mikey likes knit! -- Don't leave home without knit! (tips for busy knitters) -- Abbreviation & level keys -- It's the little things . . . (extras techniques) -- Knit tested, mother approved (projects) -- St. Elmo's fire (firefighter hat) -- Swamp thing (monster hats) -- A labyrinth (felted wizard & princess hats) -- Fresh prince (bejeweled crown) -- Schneider (tool set and pouch) -- The tooth is out there (alien tooth fairy pillows) -- Goonie's treasure (pirate bath set) -- Cocoon (nap sack) -- Real genius (memory cards) -- Dance tv (striped leg warmers and bag) -- Purls just wanna have fun (twirly tank) -- Greatest American hero (super kid cape) -- The last unicorn (unicorn dress-up) -- Blanche Devereux (furry stole and fancy purse) -- Princess buttercup (fancy dress) -- Benetar (guitar pillow) -- Carry-all chameleon (illusion back packs) -- Diff'rent strikes (bowling ball & pins) -- Square pegs (mitered square blocks) -- Mr. roboto (robot jammie bag) -- Like an Egyptian (Egyptian dress-up) -- Splash (mermaid dress-up) -- Knight rider (chain mail dress-up) -- North shore (Hawaiian dress-up) -- I am the warrior! (viking dress-up).
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