The greatest cookies ever : dozens of delicious, chewy, chunky, fun & foolproof recipes / Rose Dunnington.
Libro | Lark Books | 2005 | First edition.

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First edition.
96 pages : color illustrations ; 26 cm
Getting started: Set-up -- Safety -- Cookie equipment -- Reading a recipe -- Measuring -- Mixing -- Working with dough -- Baking -- Decorating -- Wild & crazy cookies!: Sugar cookies -- Bugs! -- Creepy cookies -- Planet earth -- Marbles -- Fine art -- Day at the beach -- Incredible edible puzzle -- Flower power -- Stained-glass stars -- Mix & match faces -- How ya feelin? -- Fall leaves -- Out of this world -- Say it! -- Peek-a-boo jelly valentines -- Thumbprints -- Princess tea party -- Wild Kingdom -- Eggstravaganza -- Cityscape -- Under the sea -- Winter Wonderland -- Snowman -- Pet party -- Chewy, chunky, yummy cookies: Very best chocolate chip cookies ever: TVBCCCE -- Turtles -- You bet your butterscotch -- Candy bar chunks -- Almost too good to be true -- Every flavor jellybeans -- Ultimate chocolate cookies: Melt in Your Mouth -- Chocolate Whiteout -- Little Nutty: Grasshoppers -- Very cherry -- Peanut butter pandemonium: Perfectly peanut-buttery -- Kiss me -- Freckle face -- Extra nutty -- Heavenly cookies: Applesauce cookies -- Coconutty sweetness -- Gadzooks granola -- Yummy oatmeal-raisin cookies: Original recipe -- Cinnapple -- Trail mix -- My mom's holiday cookies -- Everything but the kitchen sink -- So-good sandwiches: Ice cream craving -- PB&J -- Ultimate peppermint patty -- Tropical paradise -- Gingerrific: Goodness gracious! -- Tropical treat -- Lemony -- Gingerbread people -- Sandcastle -- No-bake cookies: Chocolate chip -- Pick your chips -- Toss your cookies -- Cool, cool cookies: Spirals -- Stripes -- Checkerboard -- Bull's-eye -- Bodacious bouquet -- Party down: Cookie making party -- Pizza -- Super chewy chunky -- Breakfast cookies -- Cookie gifts.
Which will be your favorite, the ultimate peppermint patty? Even kids who have never baked before will rush to the kitchen to try out these awesome cookies. It's easy, all the basics that ensure success are in this lie flat, spiral bound cookbook. Children can choose wild and crazy cookies, amazing looking cookies that are fun to build and decorate; chunky, chewy, yummy cookies, classic recipes with delicious and surprising variations; and cool, cool refrigerator cookies. Mouth watering color photos showcase treats that look almost too good too eat, including stained glass stars for a special birthday party. And kids will really get a kick out of the holiday treats, like flesh eating spiders for Halloween, and a pizza pie for a gang of friends to cook up together. A kid friendly collection of 75 recipes.
Includes index.
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