Genes on the couch : explorations in evolutionary psychotherapy / edited by Paul Gilbert and Kent G. Bailey
Book | Brunner-Routledge | 2000

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ix, 365 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Sect. I. Theory and principles -- 1. Evolutionary psychotherapy: Principles and outline / Paul Gilbert, Kent G. Bailey and Michael T. McGuire -- 2. Psychotherapy in the context of Darwinian psychiatry / Alfonso Troisi and Michael T. McGuire -- 3. Evolution, kinship, and psychotherapy: Promoting psychological health through human relationships / Kent G. Bailey -- Sect. II. Evolutionary psychotherapies -- 4. Evolutionary psychoanalysis: Toward an adaptive, biological perspective on the clinical process in psychoanalytic psychotherapy / Daniel Kriegman -- 5. Jungian analysis and evolutionary psychotherapy: An integrative approach / Anthony Stevens -- 6. Social mentalities: Internal 'social' conflict and the role of inner warmth and compassion in cognitive therapy / Paul Gilbert -- 7. Social intelligence, deception, and psychopathology: A challenge for cognitive therapy? / Nicholas B. Allen and Paul Gilbert -- 8. Reluctant males: Evolutionary perspectives on male psychology in couples therapy / Kalman Glantz and Mary-Beth Moehl -- 9. Gender and psychotherapy: An evolutionary perspective / Natalie Rasgon, Michael T. McGuire and Alfonso Troisi -- Sect. III. Special issues -- 10. evolution of incest avoidance: Oedipus and the psychopathologies of kinship / Mark T. Erickson -- 11. Disorganized attachment, models of borderline states and evolutionary psychotherapy / Giovanni Liotti -- 12. syndrome of rejection sensitivity: An evolutionary perspective / Leon Sloman -- 13. Pathogenic beliefs and guilt in human evolution: Implications for psychotherapy / Lynn E. O'Connor -- 14. psychotherapy of shame-related pathology from an evolutionary perspective / David W. Harder and Deborah F. Greenwald -- Sect. IV. Overview and concluding comments -- 15. Evolutionary psychotherapy: Where to from here? / Kent G. Bailey and Paul Gilbert.
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