Why does my dog act that way? : a complete guide to your dog's personality / Stanley Coren
Book | Free Press | 2006

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x, 288 pages ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references (pages [263]-272) and index.
Personality and temperament: predicting what Lassie will do next -- Creating dogs -- Not a wolf in sheep's clothing -- A mirror in fur -- The personalities of dog breeds -- Testing a dog's personality -- The dog behavior inventory -- Creating a superdog -- Socialization and the superdog -- How environment shapes the superdog -- Creating monsters -- Heroic hounds -- Why do dogs help? -- Personality profiles of individual breeds.
For years, even scientists mistakenly believed that dogs were simply domesticated wolves. But recent discoveries have demonstrated that dogs are actually much more complex than their wild cousins--their ability to adapt to a man-made world is far more flexible, and their personalities are far more diverse. Using findings from scientific experiments by dog breeders and the domestication of foxes and wolves, Coren re-creates the story of how dogs evolved into the myriad forms and breeds we love today. With specific information on which breeds were bred to become more dominant, affectionate, cooperative, or even dangerous, this practical, surprising book can help you to select a new companion or simply to understand your old friend better. Coren also presents a simple, fun test you can administer to your own dog to get a detailed picture of his personality. You, too, can train your pet to become a friendly, calm, confident, "bomb-proof" dog.--From publisher description.
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