The transgender studies reader / edited by Susan Stryker and Stephen Whittle
Book | Routledge | 2006

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xvi, 752 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
Includes bibliographical references (pages 725-729) and index.
Selections from Psychopathia Sexualis with special reference to contrary sexual instinct : a medico-legal study / Richard von Krafft-Ebing -- Selections from The Transvestites : the erotic drive to cross-dress / Magnus Hirschfeld -- Psychopathia Transexualis / David O. Cauldwell -- Transsexualism and transvestism as psycho-somatic and somato-psychic syndromes / Harry Benjamin -- Selection from Biological Substrates of Sexual Behavior / Robert Stoller -- Passing and the managed achievement of sex status in an "intersexed" person / Harold Garfinkel -- Selection from The Role of Gender and the Imperative of Sex / Charles Shepherdson -- Cyborg manifesto : science, technology, and socialist-feminism in the late twentieth century / Donna Haraway -- Selection from Mother Camp / Esther Newton -- Sappho by surgery : the transsexually constructed lesbian-feminist / Janice G. Raymond -- Divided sisterhood : a critical review of Janice Raymond's The Transsexual Empire / Carol Riddell -- Transvestite answers a feminist / Lou Sullivan -- Toward a theory of gender / Suzanne J. Kessler and Wendy McKenna -- Doing justice to someone : sex reassignment and allegories of transsexuality / Judith Butler -- Where did we go wrong? : feminism and trans theory-- two teams on the same side? / Stephen Whittle -- Transgender liberation : a movement whose time has come / Leslie Feinberg -- Empire strikes back : a posttranssexual manifesto / Sandy Stone -- Gender terror, gender rage / Kate Bornstein -- My words to Victor Frankenstein above the village of Chamounix : performing transgender rage / Susan Stryker -- Judith Butler : queer feminism, transgender, and the transubstantiation of sex / Jay Prosser -- Are lesbians women? / Jacob Hale -- Hermaphrodites with attitude : mapping the emergence of intersex political activism / Cheryl Chase -- Mutilating gender / Dean Spade -- Body, technology, and gender in transsexual autobiographies / Bernice L. Hausman -- "Fierce and demanding" drive / Joanne Meyerowitz -- ONE, Inc. and Reed Erickson : the uneasy collaboration of gay and trans activism, 1964-2003 / Aaron H. Devor and Nicholas Matte -- "I went to bed with my own kind once" : the erasure of desire in the name of identity / David Valentine -- Bodies in motion : lesbian and transsexual histories / Nan Alamilla Boyd -- Manliness / Patrick Califia -- Selection from Lesbians Talk Transgender / Zachary I. Nataf -- Gender without genitals : Hedwig's six inches / Jordy Jones -- Of catamites and kings : reflections on butch, gender, and boundaries / Gayle Rubin -- Logic of treatment / Harry Rubin -- Look! no, don't! : the visibility dilemma for transsexual men / Jamison Green -- Queering the binaries : transsituated identities, bodies, and sexualities / Jason Cromwell -- Selections from "Spoiled Identity" : Stephen Gordon's loneliness and the difficulties of queer history / Heather K. Love -- Transsexuals in the military : flight into hypermasculinity / George R. Brown -- What does it cost to tell the truth? / Riki Anne Wilchins -- Transmogrification : (un)becoming other(s) / Nikki Sullivan -- Fin de siècle, fin du sexe : transsexuality, postmodernism, and the death of history / Rita Felski -- Skinflick : posthuman gender in Jonathan Demme's The Silence of the Lambs / Judith Halberstam -- Genderbashing : sexuality, gender, and the regulation of public space / Viviane K. Namaste -- From the medical gaze to Sublime Mutations : the ethics of (re)viewing non-normative body images / T. Benjamin Singer -- From functionality to aesthetics : the architecture of transgender jurisprudence / Andrew Sharpe -- Selections from The Chic of Araby : transvestism and the erotics of cultural appropriation / Marjorie Garber -- Transgender theory and embodiment : the risk of racial marginalization / Katrina Roen -- Romancing the transgender native : rethinking the use of the "third gender" concept / Evan B. Towle and Lynn M. Morgan -- Unsung heroes : reading transgender subjectivities in Hong Kong action cinema / Helen Hok-Sze Leung -- Whose feminism is it anyway? : the unspoken racism of the trans inclusion debate / Emi Koyama -- Transgendering the politics of recognition / Richard Juang.
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