When sex counts : making babies and making law / Sherry F. Colb
Book | Distributed by National Book Network | 2007

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xv, 247 pages ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references (pages 219-238) and index.
Pregnancy and its discontents: ignoring the intimate link between mother and fetus. To murder a child by refusing a C-section ; Drug-dealing to unborn children ; The inadvertent murder of an ex-girlfriend's fetus ; Kidnapping unborn children from their murdered mothers ; Adopting embryos from the frozen orphanage ; Are "feminists for life" feminists for real? ; Sending out partial birth announcements : pro-life symbolism and deception ; Pro-life bullies and mentally retarded women ; Forcing pregnant women to "know" about fetal pain ; The "minor" issue of abortion ; Who gets custody when the fertility clinic makes a mistake? ; Is that egg donor my mommy? ; Battles over public breastfeeding ; What kind of mother would drown her children? -- Normalizing rape: the presumption of intimacy between women and men. A female serial killer's claims of rape ; Are rapists too good for the death penalty? ; Date rape and the presumption of innocence ; What's wrong with date rape? ; Can a woman say "no" if she has already said "yes"? ; The rapist who got away : the injustice of statutes of limitations ; Jailbait : when "yes" means "no" ; When cops cop a feel : national security and women's privacy -- What is sex discrimination? Bartenders without blush ; And ain't I a woman? ; Why gay-bashing is sex discrimination ; Single people seeking babies : can the law ban them from assisted reproduction? ; A woman's right to birth control coverage ; FDA resistance to over-the-counter emergency contraception ; Do pharmacists have a right to "choose" not to fill prescriptions? ; Killing a fetus on account of her sex ; When oral sex results in a pregnancy : can men ever escape paternity obligations? ; Should men have the right to a "financial abortion"? ; Should a judge order a deadbeat dad to stop having children? ; The many meanings of "reverse discrimination" ; Is male circumcision gender-based violence? ; Abortion by baseball bat.
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