Women astronomers : reaching for the stars / Mabel Armstrong
Book | Stone Pine Press | 2008

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ix, 178, 1 unnumbered page : illustrations ; 23 cm.
Discovering women in science series
Discovering women in science series.
"Women have always studied the night sky."
Recounts the participation of women in the field of astronomy from ancient history to the present day.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 169-171) and index.
EnHeduanna : chief astronomer, priestess of the moon, goddess of the city -- Hypatia of Alexandria : astronomer, engineer, physicist, inventor -- Hildegard of Bingen : heard the music of the spheres -- Caroline Herschel : she and her brother revolutionized the study of astronomy -- Maria Mitchell : the most famous American astronomer of her time -- Williamina Stevens Fleming : founding mother of the Harvard women astronomers -- Annie Jump Cannon : built a star catalog of more than 350,000 stars -- Henrietta Swan Leavitt : discovered a way to measure distances between stars -- Antonia Caetana Maury : developed a new system for classifying stars -- Cecilia Payne Gaposchkin : called the most brilliant astronomer of her generation -- Helen Sawyer Hogg : Canada's favorite astronomer for fifty years -- Margaret Burbidge : described the way chemical elements form in stars -- Nancy Roman : pioneered radio astronomy and orbiting observatories -- Vera Rubin : discovered the problem that dark matter solved -- Beatrice Tinsley : a brilliant career cut tragically short -- Jocelyn Bell Burnell : discovered quasars -- Margaret Geller : found structure in the universe -- Carolyn Shoemaker : looks for comets that threaten Earth -- Sally Ride : astrophysicist and first U.S. woman in space -- Jill Tartar : searches for extra-terrestrial life -- Wendy Freedman : builds big telescopes and settles Hubble Constant -- A new generation of women reaches for stars and dreams.
9780972892957 trade paper
0972892958 trade paper
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