21st century management : a reference handbook / edited by Charles Wankel
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2 volumes : illustrations ; 29 cm.
21st century reference series
21st century reference series (Thousand Oaks, Ventura County, Calif.)
Includes bibliographical references and index.
vol. I. pt. I: Entrepreneurship in the 21st century. Organizational emergence : business start-up issues / Linda Edelman -- Corporate entrepreneurship / Tobias Kollmann, Christoph Stöckmann -- Social entrepreneurship and social enterprise / Wolfgang Bielefeld -- High technology entrepreneurship / Mariann Jelinek, Claudia Bird Schoonhoven -- Governmental impedimentation and facilitation of entrepreneurship / Kathy Fogel -- Women entrepreneurs / Colette Henry -- Entrepreneur resilience : what makes entrepreneurs start another business after failure? / Fu-Sheng Tsai, Yueh-Chin Chen -- Strategic planning in new ventures and young SMEs / Sascha Kraus -- pt. II: Business and society : contemporary issues. Fostering social and civic responsibility by organizations and their people / Laurie N. Dipadova-Stocks -- Poverty alleviation as a corporate issue / Rob van Tulder, Ans Kolk -- Organizational crisis management in the post-9/11 business epoch / Janet Rovenpor -- Integrating corporate social responsibility in the management of supply chains / Francesco Cilibertia, Pierpaolo Pontrandolfo, Barbara Scozzi -- Activist group tactics to influence companies / Frank G.A. de Bakker, Frank den Hond -- Global business citizenship : a model of social responsibility and ethical behavior for the 21st century / Jeanne M. Logsdon, Donna J. Wood -- Excessive work and its business consequences / Gayle Porter -- Factors influencing women managers' success / Claudia Peus, Eva Traut-Mattausch -- Future directions in labor relations : a 2025 perspective / James A. Craft -- pt III: Managing the global enterprise -- Global mind-set / Schon Beechler...[et al.] -- Management in developing countries / Betty Jane Punnett -- Internationally managing in the face of terrorism-induced uncertainty / Peter W. Liesch...[et al.] -- HRM best practices and transfers to the Asia-Pacific region / Chris Rowley, Hon-fun Poon -- Cultural differences in perceptions of fairness in organizational contexts / Uma Janardana Iyer -- Winning in Asia / Peter J. Williamson -- Language issues in multinational management / Rebecca Piekkari -- pt. IV: Sustainability and the natural environment : green management. Toward sustainable organizations for the 21st century / Ken Peattie -- Why do firms comply with environmental regulations? / Mark A. Cohen -- Understanding and overcoming the green wall : environmental strategy, leadership, and change management in business / Kevin A. Fletcher -- Environmental supply chain management / Joseph Sarkis -- pt. V: Strategy in a fast and networked world. Strategic decisions in high-velocity contexts / Matthias Seifert, Allègre L. Hadida -- Innovation as a strategy in network markets / Willow A. Sheremata -- Planning effectiveness for internet-based interorganizational systems / Gwo-Guang Lee, Hsiu-Fen Lin -- The competitive advantage of interconnected firms / Dovev Lavie -- New product and service development in strategic alliances / Donald Gerwin -- The merger paradox : determinants and effects / Hans Schenk -- Evolving aspects of outsourcing to India / Rajan (Annamalai) Thillai -- Holistic approaches to business planning / Elly Philpott -- Culture-sensitive global strategies / Mikhail V. Grachev, Mariya Bobina -- Co-opetition : promises and challenges / Devi R. Gnyawali, Jinyu He, Ravindranath Madhavan -- Business imitation / Shigeru Asaba, Marvin B. Lieberman -- pt. VI: Operations management with new technologies in a global context. Supply chain management : integration and globalization in the age of e-business / M. Eric Johnson, David F. Pyke -- Mass customization / Frank T. Piller -- Improving supply-chain information velocity, product customization, and cost through extended enterprise applications / T.C. Daniel Loh, Lenny S.C. Koh -- Business process outsourcing management issues / Mohan Thite -- Place and space strategies for 21st century organizations / Clive Holtham -- Ethical manufacturing / Philippa Collins -- pt. VII: Organizing in the post-9/11 world. Constraints on Strategy of an Organizational Structure / Bo Eriksen -- Global projects as new organizational form / Antti Ainamo -- Artistic methods and business disorganization / Lee Devin, Robert D. Austin -- Organizational security / James A. Sena --
vol. II. pt. VIII: Teaming in and beyond organizations in the knowledge economy. The evolving nature of work teams : changing to meet the requirements of the future / Tjai M. Nielsen -- Collaborative innovation : web-based tools for customer involvement in new product Development / Gianmario Verona, Emanuela Prandelli -- Coordination in Global Teams / Mark A. Clark and J. Alberto Espinos -- Transnational teams in knowledge-intensive organizations / Martine R. Haas, Mallika Banerjee -- Conflict management in work teams / Helena Syna Desivilya -- pt. IX: Human resources as a key strategic factor. Human resources management / David Lewin -- Managing in the new economy : restructuring white-collar work in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan / John Hassard, Leo McCann, Jonathan Morris -- Work-home interaction : a challenge to human resources management / Eva Cifre, Marisa Salanova -- External competitiveness : theoretical and practical facets of strategic pay-level decision-making / Mark P. Brown -- Flexible labor / Nicole Torka, Martijn Van Velzen -- Employee wellness programs / Adam D. Bailey, Heather L. Bemis-Shields, Eric W. Ford -- Career management / Kerr Inkson -- Careers in transition / Yehuda Baruch -- The changing nature of mid and late careers / Kenneth S. Shultz, Mo Wang -- pt. X: Gender and diversity in organizations. Diversity and diversity management in the age of globalization / Janet L. Kottke, Mark D. Agars -- Ethnic and minority enterprise / Anuradha Basu -- Aging and work motivation / Ruth Kanfer, Phillip L. Ackerman -- Family-friendly organizations / Lizabeth A. Barclay -- pt. XI: Organizational behavior. Motivating individuals and groups at work in the 21st century / Naomi Ellemers, S. Alexander Haslam, Dick de Gilder -- Intrinsic motivation in public organizations / Leonard Bright -- Why self-set goals may sometimes be non-motivating / Maika Rawolle, Juergen Glaser, Hugo M. Kehr -- Organizational politics in management settings / Hunter L. Harris -- Understanding and managing misbehavior in organizations / Ely Weitz, Yoav Vardi -- Organizational paranoia : origins and dysfunctional consequences of exaggerated distrust and suspicion in the workplace / Roderick M. Kramer -- New approaches for cultivating and nourishing communications networks / George B. Graen -- Intercultural communication : strategies for managing intercultural dimensions of business / Hendrick Serrie...[et al.] -- Emotion in organizations / Kevin E. Fox, Stephanie E. Granda -- pt XII: Leadership without boundaries -- Leadership style : developing a leadership style to fit 21st-century challenges / Dail Fields -- Remote Leadership / Elizabeth Kelley, E. Kevin Kelloway -- Leadership in interorganizational networks / Angel Saz-Carranza, Sonia Ospina and Alfred Vernis -- Challenges of implicit leadership theories for management / Birgit Schyns and Jörg Felfe -- Integrating plurality : towards an integral perspective on leadership and organization / Wendelin Küpers, Mark Edwards -- The global manager's work : crossing boundaries of distance, countries, and cultures / Chris Ernst -- pt XIII: Information and knowledge with mobility and ethics -- Knowledge management : strategy, culture, intellectual capital, and communities of inquiry / Murray E. Jennex -- Facilitating mobile and virtual work / Matti A. Vartiainen -- Balancing the implications of employee telework : understanding the impacts for individuals and organizations / Timothy D. Golden -- Electronic monitoring of personal web use at work / Micheal T. Stratton -- Information privacy in organizations / Bradley J. Alge, Shaun D. Hansen -- Multilingual issues in global e-commerce websites / Shaoyi He -- Managing intangible capital / Michael M. Beyerlein, Frances A. Kennedy -- What is the business case for adopting RFID? / Fred Riggins -- pt XIV: Organization development and change in the 21st century -- Change agency in 21st century organizational life / R. Michael Bokeno -- Organization development in the 21st century / Christopher J. Rees -- The state of organization development / David L. Bradford, W. Warner Burke -- Managing creativity and innovation in the 21st century / Lisa K. Gundry -- Organizational memory : why does it matter? / Trinh Kim Chi Wakefield -- Why catastrophic group or organizational failures happen / Michael A. Roberto -- pt XV: Non-business organizations : new perspectives -- Arts management issues in the 21st century / David Cray, Loretta Inglis -- Hospital planning for weapons of mass destruction incidents / Scott Somers, Ronald Perry -- Unique aspects of managing sport organizations / Russell Hoye, Matthew Nicholson, Aaron Smith -- Managing philanthropic organizations for creativity / Diana Leat, Helmut K. Anheier.
Twenty-first century management
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