Take me back to the beginning-- / contributors, Samone Bos .. [and others]
Libro | DK Pub. | 2008

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304 pages : illustrations (chiefly color), color maps ; 29 cm
4.5 MYA >> 601 BCE: HOW IT ALL STARTED. Unusual suspects: review a police lineup of human ancestors -- Just how Homo sapiens are you? Answer the questions to discover if you are fully evolved -- Hunter-gatherer amusement park: enjoy the thrills and spills of life as a hunter-gatherer -- Out of Africa: chart early human migration on a cave painting map -- Welcome to the Fertile Crescent: check out a billboard ad for the first towns -- Building big: study blueprints of the latest Neolithic structures -- Heavy metals: shop for some heavy-metal merchandise showing the very best of the Copper, Bronze, and iron ages -- Mesopotamia: take a class in the achievements of the Mesopotamians -- Voices from the past: early civilizations extol the virtues of their writing systems on a newspaper letters page -- Kingdom of the Nile: find out how the Ancient Egyptians had it all mapped out -- Egypt, The New Kingdom: a wall of museum posters advertise the best of Ancient Egyptian civilization -- Egyptian afterlife: lead a pharaoh to the afterlife in an exciting platform game -- Sargon of Akkad vs. Nebuchadnezzar II: find out which ancient ruler packed more punch -- A trip to town: zoom in on the multilayered maps of an Indus Valley city -- Hindu India: chart the birth and beliefs of this ancient religion -- Early China: get illuminated about the Shang and Zhou dynasties -- Minoans and Mycenaeans: computer simulations bring to life two neighboring civilizations -- Hanno the Explorer: follow the exploits of a Phoenician voyage in this comic strip -- The story of the Jews: read about the momentous events in the history of the Jewish people --
600 BCE >> 399 CE: CERTAINLY CIVILIZED. Your city-state needs you: what did it take to fight in the Ancient Greek army? -- A Greek epic: Ancient Greek movers and shakers compete in the Olympics -- Senate Museum: take a tour of the senate in the republic of Ancient Rome -- Imperial Rome High School: find out who's most likely to be a great emperor in a yearbook of Roman rulers -- Fearsome force: check out an amazing Roman army action figure -- Pinball Celts: take a pinball tour of Celtic Europe -- Buddhism: discover the amazing story behind the Buddhist religion -- Persepolis: take a tour of Persian King Darius's supercool crib -- Alexander... he's great! Check out this military genius's fansite -- The Maya: spill open a piñata full of artifacts from the Maya, Olmec, and Zapotec civilizations -- Obituary: Qin Shi Huang: read a newspaper obituary for the Chinese ruler responsible for the Terra-cotta army -- Polynesian voyage of discovery: join two Easter Island statues as they attempt to re-create the incredible voyages of their Polynesian builders -- The birth of Christianity: read about the origins and spread of the Christian faith -- Under new management: eavesdrop on two old Romans as they chew the fat about the last days of the Roman Empire --
400 >> 1399: THE MIDDLE PART. Byzantine Empire: piece together a jigsaw puzzle chronicling a great empire -- The birth of Islam: read about the origins of the Islamic faith -- Barbarian beat'em up: pick a warrior in a beat'em up video game -- A frank interview with Charlemagne: read a celebrity interview with Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne -- Viking Times classifieds: check out the classified ads for the Viking world -- Feudal Europe: find out who was top of the tree in feudal society -- Exclusive knight interview: read a fanzine interview with a jousting knight -- Christian Europe: a stained glass window depicts the influence of the Church -- Spotlight on the Crusades: Crusaders recount tales of their battles in the Holy Land -- Khmer Empire, Level 1: play an action adventure video game set in Cambodia's Khmer Empire -- Tang and Sung China: explore the unique landscape of these Chinese dynasties -- India, what's on: review the listings for some great Indian temple kingdoms -- Invasion of the Mongols: a movie poster champions the military achievements of the eastern warriors -- Welcome to Aztecfest! Rock out at a gory Aztec festival -- Visit the Inca Empire: read a travel guide description of the Inca Empire -- native North Americans: a crafty look at the native American tribes -- Medieval mall: go on a shopping spree in a medieval town -- The Hundred Years' War: check out one knight's scrapbook of a very long war -- The Black Death: relive the horrors in a graphic account of the plague -- Great Zimbabwe: explore the amazing archaeological remains of a mysterious African kingdom --
1400 >> 1699: EXPLORING AND REFORMING. Happy families: playing cards show characters from the royal families of Europe -- World cruises: book your voyage of exploration on a travel website -- World of spice: follow the recipes for an account of the valuable spice trade -- Ming Dynasty: become a fan of a Chinese golden age -- Renaissance: uncover the advances of the Renaissance in an artist's studio -- The Tudors: the monarchs and their contemporaries take to the stage at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre -- Ottoman Empire: play a game of chess with the Ottoman sultans -- End of the Aztecs and end of the Incas: find out what happened to the Aztec and Inca Empires -- Reformation: Martin Luther explains his challenge to the Catholic Church -- A terrible tale: Russian dolls reveal the life story of the first Russian czar -- Tug of religious war: friction in Europe between Catholics and Protestants is discussed during a friendly tug-of-war game -- A Dutch masterclass: Dutch masterpieces recount how Holland gained independence -- Mughal India: puppets reveal who pulled the strings in the Mughal Empire -- Persia under the Safavids: follow a timeline of events during Safvid rule -- Shogun snippets: check out a supercool scrapbook of the shogun rulers of Japan -- Big Brother: France's "Sun King" Louis XIV puts his kingdom under surveillance -- Colonial America: the story of European settlement in the Americas spins around a luggage carousel --
1700 >> 1899: ALL CHANGE. Agricultural revolution: animals chew the cud... and discuss the impact of new technologies and farming techniques -- The Enlightenment: a classroom of scientists and philosophers reveal their enlightening views -- Captain Cook's blog: log on to Captain Cook's blog of his voyages of discovery -- The convict's tale and the Aboriginal girl's tale: read two contrasting accounts of the impact of European settlement in Australia -- Peter the Great and Catherine the Great: the comic strip adventures of two great Russian rulers -- The rise of Prussia: Prussian-ruler Frederick the Great explorers his troubled relationship with his dad on a psychiatrist's couch -- World at war! British Redcoat soldiers guide you through the ups and downs of the Seven years' War... the first global conflict -- Triangle of trade: explore the horrific conditions on board a slave ship -- American independence: a July 4th fireworks display reveals the story of the Revolutionary War -- French Revolution: a newscaster reads the headlines as the heads roll -- Napoleon Bonaparte: click on to the social networking site profile of the French emperor -- Industrial Revolution: study a blueprint of the technological and social changes -- The United States gets bigger: read an adventure storybook account of Lewis and Clark's expedition west -- Tales of the Wild West: go on set of a Wild West movie -- People of South America, we are free! Celebrate the achievements of South American revolutionaries -- Scientific advances: browse a catalog of 19th century inventions -- Year of revolutions: join a demonstration in 1848 as revolutionary fever sweeps across Europe -- A day in the life: magazine profiles contrast conditions for a mill owner and mill worker -- The Rising Sun: read tabloid account of how Japan was forced to trade with the outside world -- American Civil War: Chronicle the battles of a divided united States -- Made in the USA! Check out the pieces of a self-assembly kit of the United State's industrial strength -- Unified Germany and united Italy: stitch together small kingdoms to create a German Empire and a united Italy -- Rule Britannia: Queen Victoria gives you a personal tour of her empire -- Independent Canada: celebrate the grand opening of the Canadian Pacific Railway, which unified a new nation -- The scramble for Africa: European colonial powers tussle over territories in Africa -- Qing China: the rise and fall of the last Chinese dynasty --
1900 >> TODAY: FAST FORWARD. First flight: an onboard safety card displays the Wright brothers' flight -- Race to the poles: relive the drama as explorers battle to reach the North and South Poles -- Suffragette online: catch up with the latest online suffragette news reports -- Assassinated! Read all about the assassination that pushes Europe to war -- The Great War: the events of World war I are woven on a bandage -- Trench warfare: experience the horrors of life in the trenches -- Treaty of Versailles: join the heated negotiations as world leaders grapple for postwar supremacy -- Outbreak! Chart the progress of a deadly flu epidemic -- The Russian Revolution: the communist takeover of Russia and the fall of the czar -- Joseph Stalin student assessment: The Soviet leader's school report card -- Irish rebellion: Irish ballads recount the battle for independence in Ireland -- The Roaring Twenties: a cinematic romp through this decadent decade -- Great Depression: a dollar bill illustrates the economic collapse in 1930s USA -- The rise of fascism: the goals of Europe's fascist leaders and the methods they used to seize power -- Spanish Civil War: Nationalists and Republicans battle for control of Spain -- War in Europe: chart the course of World War II from Churchill's bunker -- War in the Pacific: Pearl Harbor and the battles for control of the Pacific -- The Holocaust: The horrors of the Holocaust are explored through the eyes of a brother and sister -- War over: counting the economic and human cost of World War II -- The Cold War: who sided with whom as East-West relations freeze -- Chinese Revolution: how Chairman Mao led communists to victory in China -- Israel's changing map: the conflicts that have redefined the borders of Israel and Palestine -- Independent India: how India shook off the shackles of Britain's colonial rule -- A new Africa: the changing fortunes of African nations after independence -- Tiger tycoons: how Southeast Asia hit the jackpot with an economic boom -- Race to the moon: a comic strip follows the drama of the first moon landing -- Swinging Sixties: get into the groove of the psychedelic 1960s -- Civil rights: join the struggle for race equality in 1960s America -- Vietnam War: go underground in the Viet Cong tunnels and face the challenges of jungle warfare -- Black gold: find out how the global demand for oil has changed the fortunes of Middle East nations -- Islamic Revolution: what led to Iran's Islamic Revolution -- The fall of communism: a scrapbook chronicles the events that led to the Berlin Wall coming down and the end of communist rule in Eastern Europe -- The end of apartheid: the black and white divide in South Africa and the struggle to end it -- One world: how modern communication and transportation technology has led to a shrinking world -- The War on Terror: from the attacks on September 11, 2001, to the wars in Afghanistan and Iran -- Take me back... to the future: what might the future hold? --
THE LAST PART. Curious quotes -- Loony leaders -- Listory -- Dress me up -- Dear Sibyl... -- Local history -- Take a bow.
Presents a chronological exploration of the people and events that have shaped societies through time--from Mesopotamia to Mao, the Incas to Iraq, and the Spartans to the space shuttle.
Includes index.
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