The world atlas of pirates : treasures and treachery on the seven seas, in maps, tall tales, and pictures / Angus Konstam
Libro | The Lyons Press | 2010 | First Lyons Press edition.

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First Lyons Press edition.
247 pages : illustrations (some color), color maps, portraits ; 24 x 26 cm
Includes index.
What's in a name? -- Piracy in the ancient world. The sea peoples ; Pirates of ancient Greece ; Pompey, Caesar, and the Cilician pirates -- Medieval sea rovers. The fury of the Norsemen ; Pirates of Medieval Britain ; The lords of the Mediterranean ; Stortebeker and the Baltic pirates -- The Barbary pirates. The rise of the Muslim corsairs ; The Barbary Coast ; The Barbarossa brothers ; Murat Rais ; The last of the Barbary pirates -- The Spanish Main. Spain's overseas empire ; The treasure fleets ; The Spanish galleon -- The sea dogs. The first interlopers ; John Hawkins ; Drake's raid ; Drake's raid into the Pacific ; Drake's great expedition ; Drake's last voyage -- The buccaneers. The coming of the Dutch ; The buccaneers of Hispaniola ; Tortuga and the brethren of the coast ; Francois L'Olonnais ; Port Royal ; Henry Morgan ; Buccaneers of the Pacific ; The French filibusters -- The pirate round. The appeal of the Indian Ocean ; Thomas Tew ; Henry Every ; Captain Kidd ; Edward England ; Madagascar -- The Golden Age : New Providence. The Golden Age ; New Providence ; Woodes Rogers ; Charles Vane ; "Calico Jack" and the women pirates ; Pirate flags -- The golden Age : the Atlantic seaboard. Blackbeard, the most notorious pirate of them all ; Stede Bonnet, the gentleman pirate ; Sam Bellamy and the Whydah ; George Lowther and Edward Low ; Pirate ships -- The Golden Age : the great voyage. Howell Davis ; Bartholomew Roberts ; Walter Kennedy and the pirate lords ; The pirate code -- The privateers. The business of privateering ; America's rebel privateers ; John Paul Jones ; The French privateers ; Robert Surcouf : King of the Corsairs ; The privateers of 1812 ; The last of the privateers -- The last of the pirates. Jean Lafitte ; Benito de Soto and "Don" Pedro ; David Porter : pirate hunter -- Pirates in eastern seas. Piracy in the Far East ; Kuo Hsing Yeh ; The great pirate confederation ; Shap-;ng-Tsai ; The Chinese pirate junk ; The Indonesian pirates ; The White Rajah ; Sending a gunboat -- Piracy today. The new pirates ; Hotspot : Eastern waters ; Hotspot : Somalia ; Hotspot : West Africa ; Hotspot : Latin America -- Piracy : fact versus ficion. Truth and myth ; The pirates of fiction ; Captain Hook and pirates of the stage ; The pirates of Hollywood ; The Jack Sparrow phenomenon ; Pirate perceptions ; The pirate legacy.
"The World Atlas of Pirates takes a whole new look at the story of piracy. Combining stunning cartography with engaging and authoratative text, it cuts away at the myths to reveal the world of "real" pirates--whose stories, wile every bit as colorful and compelling as those of their counterparts from legends and Hollywood, may not be quite so romantic"--Cover, p. 2.
9781599214740 hardback
1599214741 hardback
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