Einstein's relativity and the quantum revolution : modern physics for non-scientists / Richard Wolfson.
DVD | Teaching Company | 2000 | Library edition.

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Library edition.
4 videodiscs (720 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in. + 2 course guidebooks.
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Twenty-four lectures of thirty minutes each by Richard Wolfson, Benjamin F. Wissler Professor of Physics at Middlebury College.
Producer, Andreas Burgstaller ; editor, Sal Rodriguez ; content supervisor, Robert Cosgriff.
Relativity and quantum physics touch the very basis of physical reality, altering commonsense notions of space and time, cause and effect. Both have reputations for complexity, but the basic ideas behind relativity and quantum physics are, in fact, simple and comprehensible by anyone. The essence of relativity in a single sentence: The laws of physics are the same for all observers in uniform motion. Relativity and quantum physics are the gateway to understanding the latest in science news - theories about time travel, string theory, black holes, space telescopes, particle accelerators, and other cutting-edge developments.
Disc 1. Pt. 1. Time travel, tunneling, tennis and tea ; Heaven and earth, place and motion ; The clockwork universe ; Let there be light! ; Speed "c" relative to what? ; Earth and the ether : a crisis in physics -- Disc 2. Einstein to the rescue ; Uncommon sense : stretching time ; Muons and time-traveling twins ; Escaping contradiction : simultaneity is relative ; Faster than light? Past, future, and elsewhere ; What about E=Mc², and is everything relative?
Disc 3. Pt. 2. A problem of gravity ; Curved spacetime ; Black holes ; Into the heart of matter ; Enter the quantum ; Wave or particle? -- Disc 4. Quantum uncertainty : farewell to determinism ; Particle or wave? ; Quantum weirdness and Schrödinger's cat ; The particle zoo ; Cosmic connections ; Toward a theory of everything.
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Modern physics for non-scientists
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