A brisket, a casket / Delia Rosen
Libro | Kensington Pub. | 2010

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266 pages ; 18 cm.
Deadly deli mystery ; [1]
Nashville Katz mystery
"Kensington mystery"-- Spine.
Includes five "recipes from Murray's delicatessen," and ten kitchen tips.
Contains an excerpt of the author's forthcoming novel, "One foot in the gravy: a Nashville Katz mystery," (p. [249]-266)
"First in a new series!" -- Cover, p. [1]
When Gwen (nee Katz) Silver inherits a Jewish deli in Tennessee, the native New Yorker leaves her messy divorce to start over in Nashville. However, her efforts to make a fresh start appear doomed, as her Uncle Murray took his recipes and secret list of food suppliers to the grave with him. "Then, on Kosher Karaoke Night, longtime customer Buster Sergeant bites into his brisket ... and bites the dust. The coroner says food poisoning, but Gwen's not convinced. Now, with the help of hunky police detective Beau McClintock, "Nashville Katz" --as Gwen is quickly nicknamed-- will find herself adding "private investigator" to her resume-- and a new love to her life." -- Back cover.
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