Wireless mobility : the why of wireless / Neil P. Reid
Book | McGraw-Hill | 2010

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xvii, 302 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.
Why wireless?. Why mobility makes things work better ; Unified communications ; Mobility changes work from a location to an activity ; Mobility and collaboration -- The business of untethering. Moving beyond the "what" and "how" of wireless ; The "why" of wireless ; OPEX reduction in healthcare ; Purpose and use of wireless mobility ; Linking operational priorities and network capabilities -- Mobility and the CIO. The CIO, information dominance, and IT analytics change the trend ; Growth drives progression and instrumentation ; Impact of device proliferation ; From data pipes to analytical potential ; CIO priorities -- Visualization and mobility. Virtual meetings ; Agile workforces ; Virtualization ; Workforce mobility in any work environment ; Social networking and mobility ; Borderless networks -- Value propositions and success metrics in education and healthcare. Measuring value and success ; Education priorities ; Healthcare priorities -- Wireless network assessments. Network assessments as performance predictors ; Bill of materials or multilayer engagement? ; Wireless network assessment procedure -- Optimal project sequencing. Key WLAN projects : the foundation of OPS ; Optimal project sequencing : three prevailing concepts ; OPS : the sequence of success -- Finance strategies for wireless mobility. If it matters, meter it. Financing wireless networks ; Financing and technology refresh ; Mobility and IT : the pathway of finance -- System integrator : mobility practice resilience. Focus on what you can control ; Internal management practices and focal points ; Summary -- Next-generation mobility. 802.11 and other wireless standards ; Intelligent buildings ; Usage ; Designers, deployment, and maintenance engineers ; Future wildcards ; Markets ; Technology development ; The future is bright -- Mobility and intelligent buildings. Driving forces for intelligent buildings ; The fourth utility : network access ; Value proposition summary for intelligent buildings -- Summary and future trends. Mobility challenge within system integrators ; Looking forward : four key industry elements ; Future trends ; Policies may become more important than technology -- Mobility glossary -- Relevant mobility standards. IEEE overview -- Key mobility groups and information.
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