Textbook of therapeutics : drug and disease management
Book | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins | 2006 | Eighth edition / <[<[editors, Richard A. Helms ... [and others].

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Eighth edition / <[<[editors, Richard A. Helms ... [and others].
xxxiv, 2780 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 29 cm
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Clinical pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics / Bernd Meibohm and William E. Evans -- Adverse drug reactions and drug-induced diseases / Candy Tsouronis -- Drug interactions / Robert Keith Middleton -- Clinical toxicology / Wendy Klein-Schwartz -- Clinical laboratory tests and interpretation / Charles F. Seifert and Beth H. Resman-Targoff -- Racial, ethnic, and sex differences in response to drugs / Hewitt W. Matthews and Jannifer L. Johnson -- Biotechnology / Kimberly Bergstrom and Monique Mayo -- Patient communication in clinical pharmacy practice / Richard N. Herrier, Marie E. Gardner, and Helen Meldrum -- Allergic and drug-induced skin diseases / Kelly M. Smith -- Common skin disorders / Rebecca Florez Boettger and Laurie H. Fukushima.
Burns / Ted L. Rice and Charles M. Karnack -- Common eye disorders / Andreas Katsoya Lauer and Ali J. Olyaei -- Glaucoma / J. Douglas Wurtzbacher and Dick R. Gourley -- Common ear disorders / Michael A. Oszko -- Pediatric and neonatal therapy / Sherry A. Luedtke -- Pediatric nutrition support / Emily B. Hak and Richard A. Helms -- Gynecologic disorders / Linh Khanh Vuong -- Contraception / Shareen El-Ibiary -- Drugs in pregnancy and lactation / Beth Logsdon Pangle -- Hypertension / L. Brian Cross.
Heart failure / Wendy Gattis Stough, Paul E. Nolan Jr., and Dawn G. Zarembski -- Cardiac arrhythmias / Tien M.H. Ng, J. Jason Sims, and Mark A. Gill -- Ischemic heart disease / Brian R. Overholser and Kevin M. Sowinski -- Acute myocardial infarction / Edgar R. Gonzalez and Geneva C. Briggs -- Thromboembolic disease / Christa M. George -- Critical care therapy / Bradley A. Boucher, G. Dennis Clifton, and Scott D. Hanes -- Transplantation / Heather J. Johnson -- Fluid and electrolyte therapy and acid-base balance / Jane M. Gervasio -- General nutrition and vitamins/minerals / Diane Nykamp McCarter and Leisa L. Marshall -- Parenteral and enteral nutrition in adult patients / Rex O. Brown.
Iron deficiency and megaloblastic anemias / David J. Quan -- Other anemias / Janice L. Stumpf and Kevin A. Townsend -- Coagulation disorders / Joan M. Stachnik and Michael P. Gabay -- Asthma / Kathryn Blake and H. William Kelly -- Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease / Dennis M. Williams -- Cystic fibrosis / Paul Beringer and Emily Han -- Adrenocortical dysfunction and clinical use of steroids / Karen J. Tietze -- Thyroid disorders / Betty J. Dong -- Parathyroid disorders / Renu F. Singh and Betty J. Dong -- Diabetes / Stephen M. Setter, John R. White Jr., and R. Keith Campbell.
Hyperlipidemia / Michael B. Doherty and Michael Bottorff -- Acute renal disease / Myra Y. Munar and Harleen Singh -- Chronic kidney disease / Sarah R. Tomasello -- Dialysis options and pharmacotherapy for end-stage renal disease / Joanna Q. Hudson and Harold J. Manley -- Peptic ulcer disease and gastroesophageal reflux disease / Kristina L. Butler -- Inflammatory bowel disease / Rosemary R. Berardi -- Nausea and vomiting / Bruce D. Clayton and Bernadette K. Brown -- Constipation and diarrhea / Valerie W. Hogue and Yolanda B. McKoy-Beach -- Hepatitis : viral and drug-induced / Mary F. Hebert -- Cirrhosis / J. Richard Brown.
Pancreatitis / Jennifer W. Beall and Paula A. Thompson -- Anxiety disorders / Talia Puzantian -- Mood disorders / Mary A. Gutierrez and Glen L. Stimmel -- Schizophrenia / Mary A. Gutierrez and Glen L. Stimmel -- Sleep disorders / Michael Z. Wincor -- Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder / Stephanie J. Phelps -- Obesity and eating disorders / Amy Heck Sheehan and Jacob P. Gettig -- Alcoholism / Jeffrey N. Baldwin and Paul W. Jungnickel -- Drug addiction / S. Casey Laizure ... [et al.] -- Tobacco use and dependence / Andrea S. Franks.
Headache / Mary L. Wagner and Stephen D. Silberstein -- Seizure disorders / Stephanie J. Phelps, James W. Wheless and Brian K. Alldredge -- Parkinsonism / Jack J. Chen and Sam K. Shimomura -- Pain management / Lori A. Reisner -- Rheumatoid arthritis / Eric G. Boyce -- Osteoarthritis / Ralph E. Small -- Gout and hyperuricemia / William W. McCloskey and Maria D. Kostka-Rokosz -- Systemic lupus erythematosus / Susan Krikorian -- Osteoporosis and osteomalacia / Louise Parent-Stevens -- Alzheimer's disease / Nathan Rawls.
Geriatric drug therapy / Susan W. Miller -- Infectious diseases : introduction / Erika J. Ernst -- Immunization therapy / Stephan L. Foster and Michael D. Hogue -- Upper respiratory infections / David E. Nix -- Pneumonia / Douglas Slain -- Tuberculosis / Caroline S. Zeind, Helene Hardy, and Greta K. Gourley -- Urinary tract infections / Cinda L. Christensen -- Intraabdominal infections / Douglas N. Fish -- Gastrointestinal infections / Kevin W. Garey and Laura N. Gerard -- Infective endocarditis / Diane M. Cappelletty and Shirley Palmer-Murrow.
Central nervous system infections / Constance Pfeiffer, Lisa M. Avery, and Amy L. Pakyz -- Bone and joint infections / Greogory V. Stajich and Kalen B. Porter -- Sexually transmitted diseases / Vicky Dudas -- Human immunodeficiency virus infection-antiretroviral therapy / Betty J. Dong and Jennifer Cocohoba -- Human immunodeficiency virus infection-opportunistic infections / Robert C. Stevens -- Sepsis / Brien L. Neudeck and P. David Rogers -- Mycotic infections / Annie Wong-Beringer -- Parasitic infections / R. Chris Rathbun -- Surgical infections and antibiotic prophylaxis / Ronald L. Braden -- Infections in the immunocompromised patient / Russell E. Lewis.
Skin and soft tissue infections / Jeanne Hawkins Van Tyle and Cindy C. Selzer -- Supportive care therapies for patients with cancer / Kimberly Bardel Whitlock -- Chronic leukemias / Courtney W. Yuen -- Acute leukemia / John N. McCormick, Tammi T. Miyahara, and Jennifer L. Pauley -- Lymphomas / Rebecca S. Finley -- Breast cancer / Suzanne Fields Jones and Howard A. Burris III -- Liver tumors / Robert J. Stagg -- Gastrointestinal cancers / Judy L. Chase ... [et al.] -- Lung cancer / Kristan M. Augustin, Jody Sheehan Garey, and Timothy J. Heuring -- Prostate cancer / Carol Balmer -- Pediatric solid tumors / Susannah E. Motl and Deborah A. Ward -- Gynecologic cancers / Dayna L. McCauley -- Skin cancers and melanomas / VanAnh Trinh.
The contributors to this volume deliver information on latest drug treatments and therapeutic approaches for a wide range of diseases and conditions. Coverage includes discussion of racial, ethnic, and gender differences in response to drugs and to biotechnical, pediatric and neonatal therapies.
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