The parents' guide to psychological first aid : helping children and adolescents cope with predictable life crises / edited by Gerald P. Koocher and Annette M. La Greca
Book | Oxford University Press | 2011

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xx, 364 pages ; 26 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Part 1. HEALTH ISSUES. Toilet training / Patrick C. Friman -- Bed wetting / Patrick C. Friman -- Fecal soiling/ Patrick C. Friman -- Sleep problems / Tonya M. Palermo -- Overeating and obesity / Elissa Jelalian and Amy F. Sato -- Pick eating and concerns about anorexia / Gary X. Lancelotta and Thomas R. Linscheid -- Hygiene problems / Monica L. Stevens and Sheila M. Eyberg -- Pain and medical procedures / Kathleen L. Lemanek and Michael Joseph -- Medical adherence / Ric G. Steele and Timothy D. Nelson -- Helping children cope with a visit to the Dentist / Keith D. Allen and Shelley J. Hosterman -- Part 2. FAMILY ISSUES. Conversing with your uncommunicative child / Robin M. Deutsch -- Coping with the birth of a new sibling / Amanda Gordon -- Sibling rivalry / Rebecca A. Jones and Casey J. Moser -- Temper tantrums and noncompliance / Alison R. Zisser and Sheila M. Eyberg -- Traveling with children / Sanford M. Portnoy and Joan F. Portnoy -- Helping your child cope with divorce / Robin M. Beutsch -- Siblings in stepfamilies / James H. Bray -- Nontraditional families / Nathan D. Doty and Anne E. Kazak -- Discussing family secrets with your child / Karen J. Saywitz and Anna S. Romanoff -- Witnessing parental arguments or domestic violence / Neena M. Malik and Kristin M. Lindahl -- Raising resilient children / Robert B. Brooks and Sam Goldstein -- Part 3. SOCIAL AND PEER ISSUES. Helping your child develop and maintain friendships / Kevin M. David and Barry S. Anton -- Sportsmanship / Jeffrey L. Brown -- Bullying / William S. Pollack and Susan M. Swearer -- Homesickness / Brandon G. Briery -- Coping with a change in caregiver / Barbara Siegel -- Helping children cope with ethnic, religious, and gender differences / Yo Jackson -- Part 4. SCHOOL ISSUES. Making sense of report cards / W. Douglas Tynan and Jennifer Shroff Pendley -- Starting a new school / Jennifer Shroff Pendley and W. Douglas Tynan -- Avoidance and school refusal / Christopher A. Kearney and Courtney Haight -- Conflicts with teachers / Meghan McAuliffe Lines and Jennifer Shroff Pendley -- Coping with the college application process / Julie A. Fulton -- Part 5. ANXIETY ISSUES. Fears and phobias / Wendy K. Silverman -- Separation Anxiety Disorder / Sasha Aschenbrand and Anne Marie Albano -- Shyness and social anxiety / Deborah C. Beidel, Teresa Marino, and Lindsay Scharfstein -- Situational and performance anxiety / Kelly A. O'Neil, Courtney L. Benjamin, Sarah A. Crawley, and Philip C. Kendall -- Imaginary companions / Tracy R. Gleason -- Part 6. SEXUALITY. Sexuality and preschool- and school-aged children / Jeanne Swickard Hoffman -- Masturbation in young children / Carolyn S. Schroeder -- Coming out as gay or lesbian / Neena M. Malik and Kristin M. Lindahl -- Part 7. ADOLESCENT ISSUES. Dating, boyfriends/girlfriends, break-ups / Joanne Davila and Sara J. Steinberg -- Teenage drivers / Gerald P. Koocher -- Cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs / Deborah R. Glasofer and David A. F. Haaga -- Body image and physical appearance concerns / Heather Shaw and Eric Stice -- Suicide risk and self-injury / John D. Guerry, Nadja N. Reilly, and Mitchell J. Prinstein -- Part 8. UNIQUE STRESSORS. Grief and loss in children and families / Linda Sayler Gudas -- Coping with disaster, terrorism, and other trauma / Robin H. Gurwitch and Merritt Schreiber -- How to recognize when your child may need professional help / Gerald P. Koocher and Annette M. La Greca.
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