Body image : a handbook of science, practice, and prevention / edited by Thomas F. Cash, Linda Smolak
Book | Guilford Press | 2011 | Second edition.

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Second edition.
xxi, 490 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Rev. ed. of: Body image : a handbook of theory, research, and clinical practice / edited by Thomas F. Cash, Thomas Pruzinsky. c2002.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Part I. Conceptual foundations -- ch. 1. Understanding body images : historical and contemporary perspectives / Thomas F. Cash and Linda Smolak -- ch. 2. Sociocultural perspectives on human appearance and body image / Marika Tiggemann -- ch. 3. Evolutionary perspectives on human appearance and body image / Viren Swami -- ch. 4. Genetic and neuroscientific perspectives on body image / Jessica L. Suisman and Kelly L. Klump -- ch. 5. Cognitive-behavioral perspectives on body image / Thomas F. Cash -- ch. 6. Feminist perspectives on body image / Nita Mary McKinley -- ch. 7. Positive psychology perspectives on body image / Tracy L. Tylka -- Part II. Developmental perspectives and influences -- ch. 8. Body image development in childhood / Linda Smolak -- ch. 9. Body image development in adolescent girls / Elanor H. Werheim and Susan J. Paxton -- ch. 10. Body image development in adolescent boys / Lina A. Ricciardelli and Marita P. McCabe -- ch. 11. Body image development in adulthood / Sarah Grogan -- ch. 12. Media influences on body image / Michael P. Levine and Kelsey Chapman -- ch. 13. Interpersonal and familial influences on the development of body image / Diane Carlson Jones -- ch. 14. Sexual abuse and body image / Linda Smolak -- Part III. Body image assessment -- ch. 15. Crucial considerations in the assessment of body image / Thomas F. Cash -- ch. 16. Body image assessment of children / Andrew J. Hill -- ch. 17. Perceptual measures of body image for adolescents and adults / Rick M. Cardner -- ch. 18. Attitudinal assessment of body image for adolescents and adults / Jessie E. Menzel, Ross Krawczyk, and J. Kevin Thompson.
Part IV. Individual and cultural differences -- ch. 19. Gender and body images / Sarah K. Murnen -- ch. 20. Obesity and body image in youth / Dianne Neumark-Sztainer -- ch. 21. Obesity and body image in adulthood / Janet D. Latner and Rebecca E. Wilson -- ch. 22. Body image and muscularity / Donald R. McCreary -- ch. 23. Body image and athleticism / Trent A. Petrie and Christy Greenleap -- ch. 24. Gay and lesbian body images / Todd G. Morrison and Jessica M. McCutcheon -- ch. 25. African American body images / Debra L. Franko and James P. Roehrig -- ch. 26. Asian American body images / Kathleen Y. Kawamura -- ch. 27. Hispanic/Latino body images -- ch. 28. Body images in non-western cultures / Eileen P. Anderson-Fye -- ch. 29. Body image and congenital conditions resulting in visible difference / Nichola Rumsey and Diana Harcourt -- Part V. Body image dysfunctions and disorders -- ch. 30. Body image and social functioning / Stacey Tantleff-Dunn and Danielle M. Lindner -- ch. 31. Body image and sexual functioning / Michael W. Wiederman -- ch. 32. Body image and anorexia nervosa / Sherrie Selwyn Delinsky -- ch. 33. Body image and bulimia nervosa / Janis H. Crowther and Nicole M. Williams -- ch. 34. Body image and binge-eating disorder / Joshua I. Hrabosky -- ch. 35. Body image and body dysmorphic disorder / Katherine A. Phillips -- ch. 36. body image and appearance- and performance-enhancing drug use / Tom Hildebrandt and Justine Lai.
Part VI. Body image issues in medical contexts -- ch. 37. Body image issues in dermatology / Andrew R. Thompson -- ch. 38. Body image issues in oncology / Craig A. White and Caroline Hood -- ch. 39. Body image issues in obstetrics and gynecology / Helen Skouteris -- ch. 40. Body image issues in rheumatology / Meenakshi Jolly -- ch. 41. Body image issues associated with burn injuries / John W. Lawrence and James A. Fauerback -- Part VII. Changing the body : medical, surgical, and other approaches -- ch. 42. Weight loss and changes in body image / David B. Sarwer, Rebecca Dilks, and Jacquiline C. Spitzer -- ch. 43. Exercise and changes in body image / Kathleen A. Martin Ginis and Rebecca L. Bassett -- ch. 44. Body art and body image / Leeana Kent -- ch. 45. Cosmetic surgery and changes in body image / David B. Sarwer, Canice E. Crerand and Leanne Magee -- ch. 46. Body image and biomedical interventions for disfiguring conditions / Diana Harcourt and Nichola Rumsey -- Part VIII. Changing body images : psychosocial interventions for treatment and prevention -- ch. 47. Cognitive-behavioral approaches to body image change / Josée L. Jarry and Thomas F. Cash -- ch. 48. Experiential approaches to body image change / Judith Ruskay Rabinor and Marion Bilich -- ch. 49. School-based psychoeducational approaches to prevention / Jennifer A. O'Dea and Zali Yager -- ch. 50. Computer-based approaches to prevention / Hannah Weisman . . . [et al.] -- ch. 51. Ecological and activism approaches to prevention / Niva Piran and Nina Mafrici -- ch. 52. Public policy approaches to prevention / Susan J. Paxton -- Part IX. Conclusions and directions -- ch. 53. Future challenges for body image science, practice, and prevention / Linda Smolak and Thomas F. Cash.
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