The taste of ashes : the afterlife of totalitarianism in Eastern Europe / Marci Shore.
Book | Crown | 2013 | First edition.

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First edition.
xiv, 370 pages ; 25 cm
The taste of ashes -- A wrinkle in time -- Truth -- "Hair is like garbage" -- "Everything I know about people I learned in the camps" -- "It was only a small revolution" -- Pornography in Prague -- "The human being is rather perverse" -- Reason and conscience -- A Galician summer -- "Think about whether or not I was right" -- The other side of Stalinism -- The locomotive of history -- Cemeteries -- Broken families -- The eternally wandering Jew -- The dead and the living -- "But not in the ovens" -- Children of the revolution -- The taste of caviar -- Files -- "Everything was so unattractive" -- Unrequited love -- A star of the stage -- Lustration -- God-seeking -- Tragedy and romance.
Yale historian and prize-winning author Shore illuminates the afterlife of totalitarianism in this inventive, wholly original look at the complex psyche of Eastern Europe in the wake of the revolutions of 1989 and the opening of the Communist archives.
9780307888815: $27.00
9780307888839 (eISBN)
0307888835 (eISBN)
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