Election spending / Nancy Dziedzic, book editor
图书 | Greenhaven Press | 2012


225 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Opposing viewpoints
Opposing viewpoints series (Unnumbered)
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Is election spending influenced by campaign donor disclosure? Lack of disclosure corrupts the political system / Chisun Lee -- Disclosure laws are an invasion of privacy / Bradley A. Smith -- Donation disclosure promotes political engagement and enhances public debate / Paul Blumenthal -- Donor disclosure threatens the privacy and security of small contributors / John R. Lott Jr. ; Bradley A. Smith -- Fully anonymous campaign donations will eliminate political corruption / Marc Geffroy ; R.R. Reno -- Full disclosure of political donors is the best way to prevent corruption / Fred Wertheimer -- How would publicly funded elections change the campaign process? Public election funding enhances the free speech of candidates and voters / Daniel Weeks -- Publicly funded elections infringe on candidates' First Amendment rights / David M. Primo -- Public funding of elections would ensure judicial neutrality / William R. Andersen -- Publicly funded elections would not eliminate judicial bias / Robert A. Levy -- Does campaign finance reform effectively regulate election spending? The DISCLOSE Act is necessary to enforce campaign finance reform / Chris Good -- The DISCLOSE Act is unconstitutional and unfairly burdens corporations / Hans A. von Spakovsky -- The Federal Election Commission hinders campaign finance reform / Jesse Zwick -- The Federal Election Commission already successfully monitors election spending / George F. Will -- The Citizens United decision destroys meaningful campaign finance reform / J. Gerald Hebert ; Tara Malloy -- The effects of the Citizens United decision on campaign finance reform have yet to be determined / Christopher Beam -- Campaign finance reform is still necessary after the Citizens United ruling / Kenneth P. Doyle -- The best approach to campaign finance reform is less regulation / Sean Parnell -- How does the Citizens United decision affect constitutional rights? The First Amendment does not limit the right to free speech to only individual citizens / Floyd Abrams -- The free speech of corporations is not guaranteed under the First Amendment / Supreet Minhas -- Banning corporate campaign contributions is unconstitutional / Glenn Greenwald -- Banning corporate campaign donations protects the free speech of individuals / Ian Millhiser -- The constitutional right to free speech applies to all Americans, including corporations / Amy Schroder -- The Citizens United decision will encourage voters to exercise their First Amendment rights / Ari Berman.
This volume explores the topics relating to election spending by presenting varied expert opinions that examine many of the different aspects that comprise these issues. The viewpoints are selected from a wide range of highly respected and often hard-to-find sources and publications. Allows the reader to attain the higher-level critical thinking and reading skills that are essential in a culture of diverse and contradictory opinions.
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