The Tea Party Movement / Debra A. Miller, book editor
Book | Greenhaven Press | 2012

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191 pages ; 24 cm.
Current controversies
Current controversies.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 175-179) and index.
Is the Tea Party a legitimate political movement? Yes : The Tea Party is a legitimate political movement. The Tea Party is a grassroots organization representing mainstream concerns / J. Wesley Fox -- The Tea Party had many key victories in the 2010 midterm elections / Mary Claire Kendall -- The Tea Party has a good chance at remaining viable / Justin Quinn -- No : The Tea Party is not a legitimate political movement. The Tea Party is not a genuine political movement / Stuart Whatley -- The Tea Party's importance has been exaggerated / Stephanie Mencimer -- The Tea Party is a movement funded and exploited by corporations / Larisa Alexandrovna -- Most American voters oppose the Tea Party as a third party / Sean J. Miller -- Is the Tea Party movement racist? Yes : The Tea Party movement is racist. Tea Party activists include white nationalists and other racists / Bill Berkowitz -- Tea Party supporters are upset about a Black president / Eugene Robinson -- The Tea Party is all about race / Bob Cesca -- No : The Tea Party movement is not racist. The Tea Party is not a haven for racists / Cathy Young -- Race is not the motivator behind Tea Party activism / Robert Chapman-Smith -- African American Tea Party activists see no racism in the movement / Aaron Goldstein -- Claims of racism in the Tea Party are hyperbole / Michael C. Moynihan -- Is the Tea Party movement compatible with the Republican Party? Yes : The Tea Party movement is compatible with the Republican Party. Tea Party activists are just Republicans by another name / Perrspectives -- The Tea Party is just more Republican radicalism / Tim Rutten -- The Tea Party message is an ultraconservative Republican one / Ole Ole Olson -- No : The Tea Party movement is not compatible with the Republican Party. Tea Party Libertarians are fundamentally at odds with Republicans / Glenn Greenwald -- The Tea Party disagrees with Republican positions on foreign policy / Barry Gewen -- The Tea Party will cause Republicans to lose the 2012 Presidential election / Mark Shields -- What is the future of the Tea Party movement? The 2010 midterm elections begin a period of increased Tea Party activism / Jennifer Levitz, Cameron McWhirter, Douglas A. Blackmon -- The Tea Party will be betrayed by corporate-funded politicians / Dave Johnson -- The Tea Party will survive only as a Republican Party faction / Matt Steinglass -- The Tea Party will soon be absorbed by the Republican Party / Doyle McManus -- The Tea Party must take over the Republican Party to succeed / James R. Keena -- The Tea Party will fail if it embraces conservative social issues / Jim Yardley -- Tea Party ideologues may prevent constructive lawmaking by reasonable Republicans / Steve Benen -- The Tea Party could produce political chaos / Steven J. Gulitti.
Collects critical essays about the Tea Party Movement, highlighting topics such as its legitimacy and long-term viability.
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