Daily rituals : how artists work / Mason Currey
Книга | Alfred A. Knopf | 2013 | First edition.

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First edition.
xviii, 278 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm
"How artists work, how they ritualize their days with the comforting (mundane) details of their lives: their daily routines, fears, dreams, naps, eating habits, and other prescribed, finely calibrated "subtle maneuvers" that help them use time, summon up willpower, exercise self-discipline and keep themselves afloat with optimism. Artists considering how they work--in letters, diaries, interviews, beguilingly compiled and edited by Mason Currey. Portraits that inspire, amuse, and delight and that reveal the profound fusion of discipline and dissipation through which the artistic temperament is allowed to evolve, recharge, emerge. From Beethoven and Kafka to George Sand, Picasso, Woody Allen and Agatha Christie; from Leo Tolstoy and Henry James to Charles Dickens and John Updike, here are writers, composers, painters, choreographers, playwrights, philosophers, caricaturists, comedians, poets, sculptors, and scientists on how they create (and avoid creating) their creations. A Sampling of Daily Rituals Charles Dickens Dickens's eldest son recalled that, "no city clerk was ever more methodical or orderly than he; no humdrum, monotonous, conventional task could ever have been discharged with more punctuality or with more business-like regularity than he gave to the work of his imagination and fancy." Dickens rose at 7:00, had breakfast at 8:00, and was in his study by 9:00. He stayed there until 2:00, taking a brief break for lunch with his family, during which he often seemed to be in a trance, eating mechanically and barely speaking a word before hurrying back to his desk. On an ordinary day he could complete about two thousand words, but during a flight of imagination he sometimes managed twice that amount. Maya Angelou I keep a hotel room in which I do my work--a tiny, mean room with just a bed and, sometimes, if I can find it, a face basin. I keep a dictionary, a Bible, a deck of cards, and a bottle of sherry in the room... "-- Provided by publisher.
"How artists work, how they ritualize their days with the comforting (mundane) details of their lives: their daily routines, fears, dreams, naps, eating habits, and other prescribed, finely calibrated "subtle maneuvers""-- Provided by publisher.
W.H. Auden -- Francis Bacon -- Simone de Beauvoir -- Thomas Wolfe -- Patricia Highsmith -- Federico Fellini -- Ingmar Bergman -- Morton Feldman -- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart -- Ludwig van Beethoven -- Soren Kierkegaard -- Voltaire -- Benjamin Franklin -- Anthony Trollope -- Jane Austen -- Frédeŕic Chopin -- Gustave Flaubert -- Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec -- Thomas Mann -- Karl Marx -- Sigmund Freud -- Carl Jung -- Gustav Mahler -- Richard Strauss -- Henri Matisse -- Joan Miró -- Gertrude Stein -- Ernest Hemingway -- Henry Miller -- F. Scott Fitzgerald -- William Faulkner -- Arthur Miller -- Benjamin Britten -- Ann Beattie -- Günter Grass -- Tom Stoppard -- Haruki Murakami -- Toni Morrison -- Joyce Carol Oates -- Chuck Close -- Francine Prose -- John Adams -- Steve Reich -- Nicholson Baker -- B.F. Skinner -- Margaret Mead -- Jonathan Edwards -- Samuel Johnson -- James Boswell -- Immanuel Kant -- William James -- Henry James -- Franz Kafka -- James Joyce -- Marcel Proust -- Samuel Beckett -- Igor Stravinsky -- Erik Satie -- Pablo Picasso -- Jean-Paul Sartre -- T.S. Eliot -- Dmitry Shostakovich -- Henry Green -- Agatha Christie -- Somerset Maugham -- Graham Greene -- Joseph Cornell -- Sylvia Plath -- John Cheever -- Louis Armstrong -- W.B. Yeats -- Wallace Stevens -- Kingsley Amis -- Martin Amis -- Umberto Eco -- Woody Allen -- David Lynch -- Maya Angelou -- George Balanchine -- Al Hirschfeld -- Truman Capote -- Richard Wright -- H.L. Mencken -- Philip Larkin -- Frank Lloyd Wright -- Louis I. Kahn -- George Gershwin -- Joseph Heller -- James Dickey -- Nikola Tesla -- Glenn Gould -- Louise Bourgeois -- Chester Himes -- Flannery O'Connor -- William Styron -- Philip Roth -- P.G. Wodehouse -- Edith Sitwell -- Thomas Hobbes -- John Milton -- Rene Descartes -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe -- Friedrich Schiller -- Franz Schubert -- Franz Liszt -- George Sand -- Honoré de Balzac -- Victor Hugo -- Charles Dickens -- Charles Darwin -- Herman Melville -- Nathaniel Hawthorne -- Leo Tolstoy -- Pyotr Ilich Tchaikovsky -- Mark Twain -- Alexander Graham Bell -- Vincent van Gogh -- N.C. Wyeth -- Georgia O'Keeffe -- Sergey Rachmaninoff -- Vladimir Nabokov -- Balthus -- Le Corbusier -- Buckminster Fuller -- Paul Erdos -- Andy Warhol -- Edward Abbey -- V.S. Pritchett -- Edmund Wilson -- John Updike -- Albert Einstein -- L. Frank Baum -- Knut Hamsun -- Willa Cather -- Ayn Rand -- George Orwell -- James T. Farrell -- Jackson Pollock -- Carson McCullers -- Willem de Kooning -- Jean Stafford -- Donald Barthelme -- Alice Munro -- Jerzy Kosinski -- Isaac Asimov -- Oliver Sacks -- Anne Rice -- Charles Schulz -- William Gass -- David Foster Wallace -- Marina Abramovic -- Twyla Tharp -- Stephen King -- Marilynne Robinson -- Saul Bellow -- Gerhard Richter -- Jonathan Franzen -- Maira Kalman -- Georges Simenon -- Stephen Jay Gould -- Bernard Malamud.
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