The big New Yorker book of cats / foreword by Anthony Lane
Book | Random House | 2013 | First edition.

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First edition.
xix, 329 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 29 cm
Fat cats. Death of a favorite ; The case of Dimity Ann ; Defence of cats ; The smoker ; Colloquy ; Cat story ; The wineshop cat ; Bookstore cat ; Tomcat ; From din-din ; Paunch ; Defection of a favorite -- Alley cats. The cats ; Day and age ; A cat in every home ; Cat house ; Town of cats ; Cat's robo-cradle ; Lady of the cats ; Army cats ; Crouching tiger, trembling penguin ; How to make a cat trap ; The cat-savers ; A dull, ordinary, normal life in Manhattan ; Cat goddess -- Cat fanciers. Tiger in the snow ; Where I live ; Intercat ; The last meow ; Propinquity ; The cattery ; The lady and the tigers ; The cloister ; Cat fantasia ; Cat-sitting ; Myself wtih cats ; From cat man ; The pet ; Door ; On the death of a cat ; Attention: lost cat ; Living room leopards -- Curious cats. Edward the conqueror ; The paw of a cat ; A cat / a future ; Questions about language - cats ; Kitten in a graveyard ; Tooth and claw ; Wet Thursday ; Bluebell regained ; Kikimora ; Old woman ; Electrical storm ; From getting through to the others ; Guardians ; Cat therapis ; Cat 'n' mouse.
Covers, cartoons, authors of pieces both longer and shorter, reflect current views of the feline subject in all its glory, and sometimes disgrace, as well as those of bygone days. Poets like Ted Hughes and Robert Graves sit alongside contributions from the magazine's former regular columnists--e.g., James Thurber's 1952 post-party tale "The Case of Dimity Ann" and E.B White's informative "How To Make a Cat Trap" (1930). Included in this generous collection are big cats, lost cats, Army cats, bookstore and even wine-shop cats, cat therapists, a cat man, catsitters and cat savers.
Added Title
New Yorker book of cats
Book of cats
New Yorker (New York, N.Y. : 1925)
9780679644774 hardback
0679644776 hardback
9780679644781 (ebook)
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