Pyrate's boy / by E.B. Colin
Book | Kelpies | 2013

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269 pages : maps ; 20 cm
ADVENTURE STORIES. 'The boy looks about seven or eight years old and should weigh next to nothing. And yet it takes four men to drag him out of the water. We soon realise why. Padlocked around his ankle is a thick metal chain, which plummets right down to the sea's bottom. If we want to save him, we have to pull up the chain. And whatever is at the end of it.' Pyrate ship The Tenacity has taken on a drowning boy with a lead box chained to his ankle. What could be precious enough to keep in a box with a human buoy? Whatever it is, those who have lost it will come after it. Silas, pyrate's boy on The Tenacity, recounts his adventures -- every fall from the rigging, every escape from an erupting island volcano, every navigation through coral reefs, every encounter with a knife-wielding, cartwheeling girl -- as he and the crew and Captain Jon Harkin, aka Black Johnnie, outwit their pursuers. Ages 9+
9781782500131 (paperback)
1782500138 (paperback)
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