Handbook of behavioral medicine : methods and applications / Andrew Steptoe, editor ; associate editors, Kenneth E. Freedland [and others]
E-Book | Springer | 2010

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Includes bibliographical references and index.
Pt. 1. Health behaviors : processes and measures -- Social and Environmental Determinants of Health Behaviors / Verity J. Cleland, Kylie Ball, and David Crawford -- Cognitive Determinants of Health Behavior / Mark Conner -- Assessment of Physical Activity in Research and Clinical Practice / Lephuong Ong and James A. Blumenthal -- Dietary Assessment in Behavioral Medicine / Marian L. Neuhouser -- Assessment of Sexual Behavior / Lori A.J. Scott-Sheldon, Seth C. Kalichman and Michael P. Carey -- By Force of Habit / Bas Verplanken -- Adherence to Medical Advice: Processes and Measurement / Jacqueline Dunbar-Jacob, Martin P. Houze, Cameron Kramer, Faith Luyster, and Maura McCall -- pt. 2. Psychological processes and measures -- Ecological Validity for Patient Reported Outcomes / Arthur A. Stone and Saul S. Shiffman -- Item Response Theory and Its Application to Measurement in Behavioral Medicine / Mee-Ae Kim-O and Susan E. Embretson -- Applications of Neurocognitive Assessment in Behavioral Medicine / Shari R. Waldstein, Carrington Rice Wendell, and Megan M. Hosey -- Lay Representations of Illness and Treatment: A Framework for Action / Howard Leventhal, Jessica Y. Breland, Pablo A. Mora, and Elaine A. Leventhal -- Conceptualization, Measurement, and Analysis of Negative Affective Risk Factors / Timothy W. Smith -- Hostility and Health / John C. Barefoot and Redford B. Williams -- PositiveWell-Being and Health / Andrew Steptoe -- Coping and Health / Charles S. Carver and Sara Vargas -- pt. 3. Social and interpersonal processes -- Experimental Approaches to Social Interaction for the Behavioral Medicine Toolbox / Jerry Suls and M. Bryant Howren -- Social Support and Physical Health: Links and Mechanisms / Tara L. Gruenewald and Teresa E. Seeman -- Social Networks and Health / Ai Ikeda and Ichiro Kawachi -- Social Norms and Health Behavior / Allecia E. Reid, Robert B. Cialdini, and Leona S. Aiken -- Social Marketing: A Tale of Beer, Marriage, and Public Health / Gerard Hastings and Ray Lowry -- pt. 4. Epidemiological and population perspectives -- Assessment of Psychosocial Factors in Population Studies / Susan A. Everson-Rose and Cari J. Clark -- Socio-economic Position and Health / Tarani Chandola and Michael G. Marmot -- Race, Ethnicity, and Health in a Global Context / Shawn D. Boykin and David R. Williams -- Neighborhood Factors in Health / Mahasin S. Mujahid and Ana V. Diez Roux -- Health Literacy: A Brief Introduction / Michael S. Wolf, Stacy Cooper Bailey, and Kirsten J. McCaffery -- Screening and Early Detection of Cancer: A Population Perspective / Laura A.V. Marlow, Jo Waller, and Jane Wardle -- The Impact of Behavioral Interventions in Public Health / Noreen M. Clark, Melissa A. Valerio, and Christy R. Houle -- pt. 5. Genetic process in behavioral medicine -- Quantitative Genetics in Behavioral Medicine / Eco de Geus -- Candidate Gene and Genome-Wide Association Studies in Behavioral Medicine / Ilja M. Nolte, Jeanne M. McCaffery, and Harold Snieder -- Functional Genomic Approaches in Behavioral Medicine Research / Gregory E. Miller and Steve W. Cole -- Genetics of Stress: Gene-Stress Correlation and Interaction / Stephen B. Manuck and Jeanne M. McCaffery -- Nicotine Dependence and Pharmacogenetics / Riju Ray, Robert Schnoll, and Caryn Lerman -- Genetics of Obesity and Diabetes / Karani S. Vimaleswaran and Ruth J.F. Loos --
pt. 6. Development and the life course -- A Life Course Approach to Health Behaviors: Theory and Methods / Gita D. Mishra, Yoav Ben-Shlomo, and Diana Kuh -- Prenatal Origins of Development Health / Christopher L. Coe -- The Impact of Early Adversity on Health / Shelley E. Taylor -- Health Disparities in Adolescence / Hannah M.C. Schreier and Edith Chen -- Reproductive Hormones and Stages of Life in Women: Moderators of Mood and Cardiovascular Health / Susan S. Girdler and Kathleen C. Light -- Aging and Behavioral Medicine / Brenda W.J.H. Penninx and Nicole Vogelzangs -- pt. 7. Biological measures and biomarkers -- Use of Biological Measures in Behavioral Medicine / Andrew Steptoe and Lydia Poole -- Laboratory Stress Testing Methodology / William Gerin -- Stress and Allostasis / Ilia N. Karatsoreos and Bruce S. McEwen -- Neuroendocrine Measures in Behavioral Medicine / Petra Puetz, Silja Bellingrath, Andrea Gierens, and Dirk H. Hellhammer -- Immune Measures in Behavioral Medicine Research: Procedures and Implications / Michael T. Bailey and Ronald Glaser -- Circulating Biomarkers of Inflammation, Adhesion, and Hemostasis in Behavioral Medicine / Paul J. Mills and Roland von Känel -- The Metabolic Syndrome, Obesity, and Insulin Resistance / Armando J. Mendez, Ronald B. Goldberg, and Philip M. McCabe -- The Non-invasive Assessment of Autonomic Influences on the Heart Using Impedance Cardiography and Heart Rate Variability / Julian F. Thayer, Anita L. Hansen, and Bjorn Helge Johnsen -- Cardiac Measures / Gina T. Eubanks, Mustafa Hassan, and David S. Sheps -- Behavioral Medicine and Sleep: Concepts, Measures, and Methods / Martica H. Hall -- pt. 8. Brain function and neuroimaging -- Neuroimaging Methods in Behavioral Medicine / Peter J. Gianaros, Marcus A. Gray, Ikechukwu Onyewuenyi, and Hugo D. Critchley -- Applications of Neuroimaging in Behavioral Medicine / Marcus A. Gray, Peter J. Gianaros, and Hugo D. Critchley -- Neuroimaging of Depression and Other Emotional States / Scott C. Matthews and Richard D. Lane -- The Electric Brain and Behavioral Medicine / J. Richard Jennings, Ydwine Zanstra, and Victoria Egizio -- pt. 9. Statistical methods -- Reporting Results in Behavioral Medicine / Michael A. Babyak -- Moderators and Mediators: The MacArthur Updated View / Helena Chmura Kraemer -- Multilevel Modeling / S.V. Subramanian -- Structural Equation Modeling in Behavioral Medicine Research / Maria Magdalena Llabre -- Meta-analysis / Larry V. Hedges and Elizabeth Tipton -- pt. 10. Behavioral and psychosocial interventions -- Trial Design in Behavioral Medicine / Kenneth E. Freedland, Robert M. Carney, and Patrick J. Lustman -- Methodological Issues in Randomized Controlled Trials for the Treatment of Psychiatric Comorbidity in Medical Illness / David C. Mohr, Sarah W. Kinsinger, and Jenna Duffecy -- Quality of Life in Light of Appraisal and Response Shift / Sara Ahmed and Carolyn Schwartz -- Behavioral Interventions for Prevention and Management of Chronic Disease / Brian Oldenburg, Pilvikki Absetz, and Carina K.Y. Chan -- Psychosocial-Behavioral Interventions and Chronic Disease / Neil Schneiderman, Michael H. Antoni, Frank J. Penedo, and Gail H. Ironson -- The Role of Interactive Communication Technologies in Behavioral Medicine / Victor J. Strecher -- Behavioral Medicine, Prevention, and Health Reform: Linking Evidence-Based Clinical and Public Health Strategies for Population Health Behavior Change / Judith K. Ockene and C. Tracy Orleans.
Many books about behavioral medicine techniques and applications published in the past are now outdated, and do not reflect the diversity and excitement of the field in the new millennium. This Handbook aims to fill this gap by providing an up-to-date survey of methods and applications across the broad range of behavioral medicine research and practice. The chapters will be written by fellows of the Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research, a distinguished scientific society of active behavioral medicine researchers. This book will reflect an innovative structure based on cutting-edge methodolo.
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