Comprehensive guide to autism / Vinood B. Patel, Victor R. Preedy, Colin R. Martin, editors
E-Book | Springer | 2014

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Autism is a complex multifaceted disorder affecting neurodevelopment during the early years of life and which for many remains throughout adulthood. Inherent features include difficulties or deficits in communication, social interaction and cognition, person-to-person behavioral coordination and recall, to name but a few facets. It impacts on the affected individual, family and in some cases localized communities. The increased prevalence of childhood autism has resulted in rapid developments in a wide range of disciplines in recent years, though despite intensive research however, the identification of young children is difficult, the cause(s) remain unresolved and no single treatment strategy is employed. To address these issues, A Comprehensive Guide to Autism is an all embracing reference that offers analyses and discussions of contemporary issues in the field of autism. The objective of this book is to bring together scientific material from leading experts in the field relating to a wide range of important current topics. These include the early identification of autistic children and subsequent treatment, to social and behavioral studies. The editors also recognize that recent developments in genetic and immunological studies, the influence of diet, models of autism, and future treatment methods are essential reading for behavioral science researchers, psychologists, physicians, social workers, parents, and caregivers.
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V.1. Setting the scene : introductory chapters. Perinatal and neonatal complications in autism etiology / Hannah Gardener and Kristen Lyall -- Genetics of autism spectrum disorder : experience in developing countries / Allal Ouhtit, Yahya M. Al-Farsi, Ishita Gupta, Mostafa I. Waly, and Marwan M. Al-Sharbati -- Anatomical and functional connectivity in autism spectrum disorders / Ralph-Axel Müller -- Endophenotypes in autism spectrum disorders / Antonio Maria Persico and Roberto Sacco -- Intensive behavioral intervention and family psychological adjustment in autism / Corinna F. Grindle and Bob Remington -- Early and intensive behavioral intervention (EIBI) in autism / Lars Klintwall and Svein Eikeseth -- Health care quality for children : the position of autism spectrum disorder / Christina D. Bethell, Olivia Lindly, Michael Kogan, and Katharine Zuckerman -- Family burden of raising a child with ASD / Guillermo Montes and Marie Cianca -- Parenting and autism spectrum disorders / Phil Reed and Lisa A. Osborne -- Chronic parenting stress in mothers of adolescents and adults with autism : vulnerability and resilience / Erin T. Barker, Marsha R. Mailick, and Leann E. Smith -- Quality of life in caregivers of children with ASD / Sabrin Rizk, Kris Pizur-Barnekow, and Amy R. Darragh -- Peers' knowledge about and attitudes towards students with autism spectrum disorders / Jonathan M. Campbell and Brian D. Barger -- Autism and schizophrenia in adults : clinical considerations on comorbidity and differential diagnosis / Lena Nylander -- Diagnosing autism spectrum disorders. Diagnosing autism with checklist for autism spectrum disorder (CASD) / Susan Mayes -- Autism observation scale for infants / Susan E. Bryson and Lonnie Zwaigenbaum -- Pediatric screening of autism spectrum disorders / Judith S. Miller, Juhi Pandey, and Leandra N. Berry -- Electroencephalograms in diagnosis of autism / Mehran Ahmadlou and Hojjat Adeli -- Autism diagnostic observation schedule (ADOS) and its uses in research and practice / Sarah Hurwitz and Nurit Yirmiya -- Resolution with diagnosis among parents of children with ASD / Nurit Yirmiya, Ifat Seidman, Nina Koren-Karie, and David Oppenheim -- Assessing adults with normal intelligence for ASD / Jonna M. Eriksson, Lisa M. J. Andersen, and Susanne Bejerot -- PDD behavior inventories : clinical and research applications to ASD / Ira L. Cohen -- Clinical applications of robots in autism spectrum disorder diagnosis and treatment / Joshua J. Diehl, Charles R. Crowell, Michael Villano, Kristin Wier, Karen Tang, and Laurel D. Riek -- Behavioral issues in autism spectrum disorders. Physical activity and sedentary lifestyle in autism / Amir Hossein Memari and Banafsheh Ghaheri -- Rationale for neurofeedback training in children with autism / Jaime A. Pineda, Ashley Juavinett, and Michael Datko -- Behavioral interventions for aggressive behaviors in autism spectrum disorders / Olive Healy, Sinead Lydon, Jennifer Holloway, and Martina Dwyer -- Functional behavior assessments in evaluating individuals with autism spectrum disorders / Laura Baylot Casey and J. Brian Smith -- Referential gaze and word mapping in autism spectrum disorders / Hironori Akechi and Harumi Kobayashi -- Toe walking in autism / Pasquale J. Accardo, Eugenio Monasterio, and Donald Oswald -- Pragmatic language in autism : an overview / Yan Grace Lam -- Symbolic play in children with autism / Yan Grace Lam -- Sexuality and ASD : current state of research / Laura Gilmour, Veronica Smith, and Melike Schalomon -- Psychosis and disorganized behavior in adults with autism and intellectual disability : case identification and staff-patient interaction / Trine Lise Bakken -- Anxiety in individuals with ASD : prevalence, phenomenology, etiology, assessment, and interventions / Francisca Johanna Arnoldina van Steensel, Susan Maria Bögels, Iliana Magiati, and Sean Perrin -- Syndrome-specific impact on parental well-being : autism compared / Sasha M. Zeedyk, Shana R. Cohen, and Jan Blacher -- Verbal and visual metaphor comprehension in autism / Nira Mashal and Anat Kasirer -- Communality between obsessive compulsive disorder and autism spectrum disorders / Susanne Bejerot, Abraham Weizman, and Ruth Gross-Isseroff --
V.2. Neurophysiology and neuropathology in autism spectrum disorders. Dynamic brain changes in autism : review of telencephalic structures / Efrain C. Azmitia and Allyson Impallomeni -- Hyperserotonemia in autism : 5HT-regulating proteins / Dubravka Hranilovic and Sofia Blazevic -- Neurotrophic factors in autism spectrum disorders / Thomas Nickl-Jockschat -- Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in autism spectrum disorders : therapeutic implications / Stephen I. Deutsch, Barbara L. Schwartz, Maria R. Urbano, Jessica A. Burket, Andrew D. Benson, and Amy L. Herndon -- GABAergic neuromarkers and the autistic brain / Gene J. Blatt -- Electrophysiology of visual and auditory perception in autism spectrum disorders / Takao Yamasaki, Toshihiko Maekawa, Hidetoshi Takahashi, Takako Fujita, Yoko Kamio, and Shozo Tobimatsu -- Motor functioning in autism spectrum disorders / Nicole Papadopoulos, Nicole Rinehart, John Bradshaw, Jennifer McGinley, and Peter Enticott -- Neurobeachin gene in autism / John W. M. Creemers, Kim Nuytens, and Krizia Tuand -- Cerebellum and the psychopathology of autism and asperger's disorder / Beth Johnson, Chloe Stanley-Cary, Joanne Fielding, Nicole Rinehart, and Nicole Papadopoulos -- Neurobiological correlates of classical and quantum neural information processing from the perspective of autism / Antonio Cassella -- Neuroimaging and structure in autism spectrum disorders. Introduction to neuroimaging research in autism spectrum disorders / Naama Barnea-Goraly and Matthew J. Marzelli -- Developmental trajectory of white matter and connectivity maturation in autism / Paola Mengotti and Paolo Brambilla -- Single-photon emission computed tomography and electroencephalography findings in children with autism spectrum disorders / Masayuki Sasaki -- Imaging and the corpus callosum in patients with autism / Manuel F. Casanova, Brynn Dombroski, and Andrew E. Switala -- Imaging the neural correlates of behavioral and cognitive shifts in autism / Aysenil Belger, Kimberly L. H. Carpenter, and Sarah E. Schipul -- Learning issues in autism spectrum disorders. Joint attention training in children with autism / James Meindl -- Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children with autism spectrum disorders / Kevin M. Antshel and Bridget O. Hier -- Reading and text comprehension skills in school-age children with autism spectrum disorders / Jakob Åsberg Johnels -- Teaching children with autism to recognize faces / Buyun Xu and James W. Tanaka -- Early language acquisition in autism spectrum disorders : a developmental view / Lauren B. Adamson, Maryann Romski, and Andrea Barton-Hulsey -- Augmentative and alternative communication solutions and autism / Margaret Lubas, Jennifer R. Mitchell, and Gianluca De Leo -- Social and community issues in autism spectrum disorders. Social competence impairments in autism spectrum disorders / Gregory Chasson and Sara R. Jarosiewicz -- Adaptive social abilities in autism / So Hyun Kim, Vanessa Hus Bal, and Catherine Lord -- Social skills deficits in children with autism spectrum disorders : evidence based interventions / Jennifer Holloway, Olive Healy, Martina Dwyer, and Sinead Lydon -- Service use among young children with autism spectrum disorders / Dwight Irvin, Elena Patten, and Brian Boyd -- Psychophysiological arousal to social stress in autism spectrum disorders / Todd P. Levine, Elisabeth Conradt, Matthew S. Goodwin, Stephen J. Sheinkopf, and Barry Lester -- Health care and services for individuals with ASDs : disparities and transitions / Helen M. Johnson and Todd P. Levine -- Psychological roots of social and linguistic deficiencies in autism and the distinction between classical and quantum neural computing / Antonio Cassella --
V.3. Biochemical aspects in autism spectrum disorders. Receptor/regulatory molecules pattern changes : caspases in autism spectrum disorders / Dario Siniscalco, Nicola Antonucci, Sabatino Maione, and Laura de Magistris -- Lipid signalling in the pathology of autism spectrum disorders / Christine Wong and Dorota Anna Crawford -- Dysregulation of neurogenic calcium signaling and autism / J. Jay Gargus and Galina Schmunk -- Treatment of elevated male Hormones in autism / Mark Geier, Janet K. Kern, Paul G. King, Lisa Sykes and David A. Geier -- Urinary porphyrins in autism spectrum disorders / Janet K. Kern, David A. Geier, Lisa Sykes, and Mark Geier -- Urinary p-cresol in ASD / Antonio Maria Persico and Valerio Napolioni -- Principal factors and contributing mechanisms in the pathophysiology of autism. Prematurity and Autism Spectrum Disorders / Maya Yaari, Smadar Eventov-Freidman, David Mankuta, Benjamin Bar-Oz, and Nurit Yirmiya -- Redox/methylation theory and autism / Richard Deth, Malav S. Trivedi, Nathaniel W. Hodgson, Christina R. Muratore, and Mostafa I. Waly -- Mercury induced autism / Mark Geier, Janet K. Kern, Paul G. King, Lisa Sykes and David A. Geier -- Autism and dia1 family : cellular secretory pathway / Azhari Aziz, Tal Karmi, and Naomi Bishop -- Cortical underconnectivity hypothesis in autism : evidence from functional connectivity MRI / Jeffrey S. Anderson -- Developmental regression in autism spectrum disorders : implications for clinical outcomes / Brian D. Barger and Jonathan M. Campbell -- Assisted reproductive technology in autism spectrum disorders / Takafumi Shimada and Tsukasa Sasaki -- Parental age, birth weight, and autism spectrum disorders / Esther Ben-Itzchak and Ditza A. Zachor -- Autism and increased paternal age / Mark D. Alter and Addie May Nesbitt -- Hypo-phosphorylation of salivary peptidome as indicator of molecular pathogenesis of autism spectrum disorders / Massimo Castagnola, Irene Messana, Tiziana Cabras, Federica Iavarone, Chiara Fanali, Anna Maria Pecoraro, Alessandra Morelli, Giovanni Neri, Maria Giulia Torrioli, and Fiorella Gurrieri -- Immunology and autism spectrum disorders. Immunotoxicity in autism spectrum disorders / Jamie DeWitt and Rodney R. Dietert -- Autism spectrum disorders and aluminum vaccine adjuvants / Lucija Tomljenovic, Russell L. Blaylock, and Christopher A. Shaw -- Altered immune function associated with neurophysiological abnormalities and executive function deficits in children with autism / Yvonne Ming Yee Han, Mei-chun Cheung, Sophia L. Sze and Agnes Sui Yin Chan -- Autism spectrum disorders and circulating chemokines / Morsi Abdallah, Tanja Michel, and Laszlo Kohidai -- Genetics and molecular aspects of autism spectrum disorders. Autism and schizophrenia : genetic and phenotypic relationships / Jacob A. S. Vorstman and J. Peter H. Burbach -- UPF3B gene and nonsense-mediated mRNA decay in autism spectrum disorders / Frederic Laumonnier, Lam Son Nguyen, Lachlan Jolly, Martine Raynaud, and Jozef Gecz -- Nuclear and mitochondrial genome defects in autism : genomic instability and impact of epigenetic and environmental factors / Moyra Smith -- Autism spectrum disorders in tuberous sclerosis / Kristina Julich and Mustafa Sahin -- Phenotypic variation in autism spectrum disorder : insights from syndromic forms of autism / Naomi Bishop, Azhari Aziz, and Christian Barth -- Models for studying autism spectrum disorders. Genetic modeling and neurobehavioral disorders : Focus on Autism / Bianca De Filippis, Emilia Romano, and Giovanni Laviola -- Propionic Acid Animal Model of Autism / Sandy R. Shultz and Derrick F. MacFabe -- Prenatal Exposure to Valproate in Animals and Autism / Victorio Bambini-Junior, Diego Baronio, Janine MacKenzie, Geancarlo Zanatta, Rudimar dos Santos Riesgo, and Carmem Gottfried -- Neural Dynamics of Autistic Behaviors: Learning, Recognition, Attention, Emotion, Timing, and Social Cognition / Stephen Grossberg -- Integrating Pathogenic Models of Autism: Pathway and Network Analysis / Christian Barth, Azhari Aziz, and Naomi Bishop --
V.4. Asperger's syndrome. Clinical characterization of adults with asperger's syndrome / C. Kanai, M. Tani, and N. Kato -- Facial expression decoding in autistic and asperger children / Simona Amenta, Chiara Ferrari, and Michela Balconi -- White matter brain structure in asperger's syndrome / Esther D. A. van Duin, Janneke Zinkstok, Grainne McAlonan, and Therese van Amelsvoort -- Autism and asperger syndrome : language use / Jessica de Villiers, Peter Szatmari, and Susan Yang -- Diet and nutrition in autism spectrum disorders. Overweight and obesity epidemic : weight status in individuals with autism / Amir Hossein Memari and Vahid Ziaee -- Assessment and treatment of feeding problems among children with autism spectrum disorders / Keith E. Williams and Laura Seiverling -- ASD and food allergy / Harumi Jyonouchi -- ASD, eating problems, and overlap with anorexia and bulimia nervosa / Maria Rastam and Elisabet Wentz -- Gastrointestinal disorders and autism / Antonia Parmeggiani -- Intestinal barrier in autism / Laura de Magistris, Annarita Picardi, Anna Sapone, Rita Cariello, Dario Siniscalco, Carmela Bravaccio, and Antonio Pascotto -- Sensory sensitivity and food selectivity in children with autism spectrum disorders / Sharon A. Cermak, Carol Curtin, and Linda Bandini -- Dietary diversity in children with autism / William G. Sharp, Rashelle C. Berry, Barbara O. McElhanon, and David L. Jaquess -- Treatments in autism spectrum disorders : non pharmacological. Educational interventions for young children with autism spectrum disorders / Svein Eikeseth and Lars Klintwall -- Virtual reality as treatment tool for children with autism / Michelle Wang and Evdokia Anagnostou -- Strategies for treatment of autistic dental patients / Robert E. Rada -- Treatment of working memory in autism / Jonathan Tarbox and Angela Persicke -- Computer interventions for ASD / Veronica Smith and Andrew Sung -- Complementary and alternative medicine for autism / Tae-Hun Kim, Myeong Soo Lee, Jiae Choi, and Edzard Ernst -- Acupuncture in autism spectrum disorders / Virginia C. N. Wong, Vanessa L. Y. Chu, and Daniel K. L. Cheuk -- Autism spectrum disorders and massage therapy / Myeong Soo Lee, Ju Ah Lee, Tae-Yong Park, and Byung-Cheul Shin -- Behavioral treatment of stereotypic behavior in children with autism / Florence D. DiGennaro Reed, Jason M. Hirst, and Sarah R. Jenkins -- Social story interventions for children with autism spectrum disorders / Anastasia Kokina and Louise A. Kaczmarek -- Autism, parents, and treatments for their children / Kimberly A. Schreck -- Occupational therapy for children with autism / Sylvia Rodger and Helene J. Polatajko -- Treatments in autism : pharmacological and active agents. Reducing aggression in ASD with combined medication and behavioral therapy / Thomas W. Frazier, Rebecca Embacher, and Allison Frazier -- Chinese chan-based prospective neuropsychological intervention for autistic children / Agnes Sui Yin Chan, Yvonne Ming Yee Han, and Mei-chun Cheung -- Aripiprazole use in ASD / Adelaide S. Robb and Sinan O. Turnacioglu -- Clozapine use in autism spectrum disorders / Olivier Guillin -- Melatonin use in autism spectrum disorders / Sheila J. Asghar and Beth A. Malow -- Cholesterol use in autism treatment / Andrea Diaz-Stransky and Elaine Tierney -- Omega-3 fatty acids in the treatment of autism spectrum disorder / Robert H. Belmaker and Gal Meiri --
V.5. International aspects and ethnicity of autism spectrum disorders. Identification of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in Africa : need for shifting research and public health focus / Mashudat A. Bello-Mojeed, Muideen Owolabi Bakare and Kerim Munir -- Autism in the African American population / Ruby M. Gourdine and Carl L. Algood -- Autism spectrum disorders in Mexico / Antonio Bravo Oro, Carmen Esmer, and Maŕıa Elena Navarro-Calvillo -- Autism spectrum disorders : perspective from Pakistan / Nazish Imran and Muhammad Waqar Azeem -- Autism : challenge in Nepal / Autism: Challenge in Nepal -- Autism spectrum disorders in developing countries : lessons from the Arab world / Ghada R. A. Taha and Hanan Hussein -- Autism as viewed by French parents / Brigitte Chamak and Béatrice Bonniau -- Behavior analysis and intervention for children with ASD at TOHUM : Turkish perspectives / Binyamin Birkan -- Early diagnosis of ASD in toddlers and school children : community studies and national surveys in Japan / Yoko Kamio and Naoko Inada -- Rett Syndrome. Defining and diagnosing Rett syndrome : correlating symptoms and pathogenesis with Autism / Alan K. Percy, Chris Chapleau, Jane B. Lane, and Lucas Pozzo-Miller -- Epilepsy in Rett Syndrome / Ana Roche-Martinez, Judith Armstrong Morón, Francesc X. Sanmart́ı Vilaplana, Itziar Alonso Colmenero, Oscar Sans Capdevila, and Mercé Pineda Marfa -- Biomarkers of lipid oxidative damage in Rett syndrome / Claudio De Felice, Cinzia Signorini, Silvia Leoncini, Alessandra Pecorelli, Thierry Durand, Jean-Marie Galano, Camille Oger, Valérie Bultel-Poncé, Giuseppe Valacchi, Lucia Ciccoli, and Joussef Hayek -- Neuroprostanes and neurological severity in Rett syndrome / Claudio De Felice, Silvia Leoncini, Cinzia Signorini, Alessandra Pecorelli, Thierry Durand, Jean-Marie Galano, Alexandre Guy, Giuseppe Valacchi, Lucia Ciccoli, and Joussef Hayek -- Rett syndrome and sleep / Nicolas Deconinck and Mouna Al Husni Al Keilani -- 4HNE protein adducts in autistic spectrum disorders : Rett Syndrome and autism / Giuseppe Valacchi, Alessandra Pecorelli, Cinzia Signorini, Silvia Leoncini, Lucia Ciccoli, Claudio De Felice, and Joussef Hayek -- Communication skills in girls with Rett syndrome / Theresa Bartolotta -- Auditory brainstem response in Rett syndrome / Joseph P. Pillion -- Modeling Rett syndrome with MeCP2 T158A knockin mice / Zhaolan Zhou and Darren Goffin -- Fragile X. Fragile X syndrome and autism / Faraz Farzin and Kami Koldewyn -- Prevalence studies on Fragile X alleles in autism / Laia Rodriguez-Revenga, Irene Madrigal, and Montserrat Mila -- Medication management of Fragile X syndrome / Craig A. Erickson, Logan K. Wink, Tori L. Schaefer, and Rebecca C. Shaffer -- Methods, approaches, procedures and techniques in autism spectrum disorders. Autistic behavior checklist (ABC) and its applications / Antonio Bravo Oro, Maŕıa Elena Navarro-Calvillo, and Carmen Esmer -- Assessment of co-occurring emotional and behavioral disorders in youth with ASD using the child behavior checklist 6-18 / Vincent Pandolfi and Caroline I. Magyar -- Modified checklist for autism in toddlers (M-CHAT) : validation and correlates in infancy / Kristyn Wright and Diane Poulin-Dubois -- Portable data assistants for data collection in autism treatment / Seth Whiting and Mark Dixon -- Autism : comparative genomics and interactomics / Christian Barth and Naomi Bishop -- Functional behavior assessments for challenging behavior in autism / Olive Healy and Denise Brett -- Altered brain development : delay in emergence of self-representation in children with ASD / Dennis P. Carmody.
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