Catalog of unabashed gratitude / Ross Gay
Libro | University of Pittsburgh Press | 2015

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102 pages ; 21 cm.
Pitt poetry series
Pitt poetry series.
Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude is a sustained meditation on that which goes away-- loved ones, the seasons, the earth as we know it -- that tries to find solace in the processes of the garden and the orchard.
To the fig tree on 9th and Christian -- Ode to buttoning and unbuttoning my shirt -- Ode to the flute -- Burial -- Patience -- Ode to the Puritan in me -- Feet -- Smear the queer -- To my best friend's big sister -- Armpit -- Spoon -- Weeping -- To the mistake -- Ode to sleeping in my clothes -- Becoming a horse -- Sharing with the ants -- Ending the estrangement -- The opening -- C'mon! -- To the mulberry tree -- Ode to drinking water from my hands -- Wedding poem -- Catalog of unabashed gratitude -- Last will and testament.
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