Voices of the African American experience / edited by Lionel C. Bascom
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v. 1. A narrative of the uncommon sufferings, and surprizing delieverance of briton hammon, a negro man,--servant to General Winslow, of Marshfield, in New-England; who returned to Boston, after having been absent almost thirteen years. Containing an account of the many hardships he underwent from the time he left his masters house, in the year 1747, to the time of his return to Boston.--How he was cast away in the capes of Florida;--the horrid cruelty and inhuman barbarity of the Indians in murdering the whole ship's crew;--the manner of his being carry'd by them into captivity. Also, an account of his being confined four years and seven months in a close dungeon,--and the remarkable manner in which he met with his good old master in London; who returned to New-England, a passenger, in the same ship / by Briton Hammon, 1760 ; A narrative of the most remarkable particulars in the life of James Albert Ukawsaw Gronniosaw, an African prince / written by himself, 1774 ; Notes on the state of Virginia / by Thomas Jefferson, 1782 ; An address to the Negroes in the state of New-York / by Jupiter Hammon, 1787 ; The interesting narrative of the life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, the African, 1789 ; The Fugitive Slave Act, U.S. Congress, 1793 ; Printed letter / by Anthony New, 1794 ; A narrative of the life and adventures of Venture : a native of Africa, but resident above sixty years in the United States of America / related by himself, 1798 ; The confessions of Nat Turner, the leader of the late insurrection in Southampton, Virginia, 1832 ; John Quincy Adams diary 41, 5 December 1836-4 January 1837, 29 July 1840-31 December 1841 ; Illinois state legislator Abraham Lincoln opposes slavery, March 3, 1837 ; The church and prejudice / by Frederick Douglass, November 4, 1841 ; Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass, an American slave / written by himself, 1845 ; Farewell to the British people : an address delivered in London, England, March 30, 1847 / by Frederick Douglass ; Narrative of the life and adventures of Henry Bibb, an American slave / written by himself, 1849 ; Excerpted from "Uncle Tom's story of his life" an autobiography of the Rev. Josiah Henson (Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe's "Uncle Tom"), from 1789 to 1876 ; The meaning of July fourth for the Negro / by Frederick Douglass, July 5, 1852 ; Choice thoughts and utterances of wise colored people ; Essay on slavery conditions / by Francis Henderson, 1856 ; Supreme Court of the United States in Dred Scott v. John F. Sanford, March 6, 1857 ; Speech by Abraham Lincoln on the Dred Scott decision and slavery, June 26, 1857 ; Our Nig, or, Sketches from the life of a free Black, in a two-story white house, north / by Harriet E. Wilson, 1859 ; Letters on American slavery from Victor Hugo, de Tocqueville, Emile de Girardin, Carnot, Passy, Mazzini, Humboldt, O. Lafayette--&c, 1860 ; Correspondence between Lydia Maria Child and Gov. Wise and Mrs. Mason, of Virginia, 1860 ; The Constitution of the United States : is it pro-slavery or anti-slavery? / by Frederick Douglass, March 26, 1860 --
History of American abolitionism : its four great epochs, embracing narratives of the ordinance of 1787, compromise of 1820, annexation of Texas, Mexican war, Wilmot proviso, negro insurrections, abolition riots, slave rescues, compromise of 1850, Kansas bill of 1854, John Brown insurrection, 1859, valuable statistics, &c., &c., &c., together with a history of the southern confederacy / by F.G. De Fontaine, 1861 ; George Wils to writer's sister, March 18, 1861 ; "Fighting rebels with only one hand," Douglass' monthly [The north star], September 1861 ; Excerpt from The Gullah proverbs of 1861, down by the riverside : a South Carolina slave community / by Charles Joyner ; Excerpted from The Negroes at Port Royal, report of E.L. Pierce, to the Hon. Salmon P. Chase, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, 1862 ; The Emancipation Proclamation, 1863 ; William Tell Barnitz to the Pennsylvania daily telegraph, March 27, 1863 ; Sojourner Truth, the Libyan Sibyl / by Harriet Beecher Stowe, April 1863 ; The Negro in the regular army / by Oswald Garrison Villard ; Our alma mater : notes on an address delivered at Concert Hall on the occasion of the twelfth annual commencement of the Institute for Colored Youth / by Alumni Association, May 10, 1864 ; Excerpt reprinted from "A colored man's reminiscences of James Madison" ; What the black man wants : a speech delivered by Frederick Douglass at the annual meeting of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society in Boston, April 1865 ; 14th Amendment, 1866 ; Letter from Amelia [unknown family name] to brother Eddie, December 11, 1869 ; First annual address to the law graduates of Allen University, class 1884 / given by D. Augustus Straker, June 12, 1884 ; Emigration to Liberia, report of the Standing Committee On Emigration of the Board of Directors of the American Colonization Society, unanimously adopted, Washington D.C. : January 20, 1885 ; The future of the colored race / by Frederick Douglass, May 1886 -- v. 2. Common sense in common schooling : a sermon by Alex. Crummell, rector of St. Luke's Church, Washington, D.C., September 13, 1886 ; The wonderful eventful life of Rev. Thomas James / by himself, 1887 ; A memorial souvenir of Rev. J. Wofford White, pastor of Wesley M.E. Church, Charleston, S.C., who fell asleep, January 7th, 1890, aged 33 years / by George C. Rowe Clinton, 1890 ; What the southern Negro is doing for himself / by Samuel J. Barrows, June 1891 ; In memoriam : Sarah Partridge Spofford : born November 10, 1823, departed May 11, 1892, substance of address by Rev. R. R. Shippen at the funeral service, May 13, 1892 ; A noble life : memorial souvenir of Rev. Jos. C. Price, D.D. / by George C. Rowe Clinton, 1894 ; Light beyond the darkness / by Frances E.W. Harper, 189-(?) ; Excerpted from Afro-American encyclopedia, or, The thoughts, doings, and sayings of the race : embracing addresses, lectures, biographical sketches, sermons, poems, names of universities, colleges, seminaries, newspapers, books, and a history of the denominations, giving the numerical strength of each. In fact, it teaches every subject of interest to the colored people, as dicussed by more than one hundred of their wisest and best men and women / compiled and arranged by James T. Haley, 1895 --
Sermon preached by Rev. G. V. Clark, at Second Congregational Church, Memphis, Tenn., Sunday morning, June 16, 1895 ; The Atlanta compromise / by Booker T. Washington, 1895 ; The higher education of the colored people of the South, remarks of Hugh M. Browne, of Washington D.C., 1896 ; Supreme Court of the United States in Plessy vs. Ferguson 163 U.S. 537, 1896 ; Address of Booker T. Washington, delivered at the alumni dinner of Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, after receiving the honorary degree of "Master of Arts," June 24, 1896 ; How shall the colored youth of the South be educated? / by A. D. Mayo, 1897 ; "Lift every voice and sing," or, "The Negro national anthem" / by James Weldon Johnson and John R. Johnson ; Commentary on The progress of colored women by Mary Church Terrell / by Richard T. Greener, 1898 ; A century of Negro migration / by Carter G. Woodson ; An address by Booker T. Washington, prin., Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute, Tuskegee, Alabama : delivered under the auspices of the Armstrong Association, Lincoln Day exercises, at the Madison Square Garden Concert Hall, New York, N.Y., February 12, 1898 ; The progress of colored women / by Mary Church Terrell, 1898 ; The literary souvenir / by Miss Rosena C. Palmer, Miss Lizzie L. Nelson, Miss Lizzie B. Williams ... [et al.], volume 1, 1898 ; A Negro schoolmaster in the new South / by W.E. Burghardt DuBois, 1899 ; A prayer : words by B.G. Brawley, music by Arthur Hilton Ryder, 1899 ; The Hardwick Bill : an interview in the Atlanta Constitution / by Booker T. Washington, 1900 ; Nineteenth annual report of the principal of the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute, Tuskegee, Alabama, for the year ending May 31, 1900 / submitted by Booker T. Washington ; Paths of hope for the Negro : practical suggestions of a southerner / by Jerome Dowd, 1900 ; The Freedmen's Bureau / by W.E. Burghardt DuBois, March 1901 ; The free colored people of North Carolina / by Charles Waddell Chesnutt, 1902 ; Of the training of black men / by W.E.B. DuBois, September 1902 ; The Negro Development and Exposition Company of the U.S.A., an address to the American Negro, 1907 ; The Negro Development and Exposition Company of the U.S.A., an address to the American Negro, on "separate but equal" doctrines, 1907 ; The flat hunters : a musical satire on moving day / by Junie McCree, 1914 ; The Negro genius / by Benjamin Brawley, May 1915 ; Excerpt from the Marcus Garvey and Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) papers, 1919 ; A century of Negro migration, chapter 10 / by Carter Godwin Woodson ; The soul of white folks / by W.E.B. DuBois, 1920 ; Declaration of rights of the Negro peoples of the world, 1920 ; The eruption of Tulsa / by Walter White, June 29, 1921 ; The autobiography of Marcus Garvey, 1923 ; Harlem / by Alain Locke, March 1925 ; Enter the new Negro / by Alain Locke, March 1925 ; African fundamentalism / by Marcus Garvey, 1925 ; A piece of saw / by Theodore Ledyard Browne, May 1929 ; The South speaks / by John Henry Hammond, Jr., April 26, 1933 --
The Pullman porters win / by Edward Berman, August 21, 1935 ; Deadhead : a Pullman porter steps out of character / by Jessie Carter, August 1935 ; September ghost town--almost : the depression hits a Negro town / by Isabel M. Thompson and Louise T. Clarke, September 1935 ; Harlem : dark weather-vane / by Alain Locke, August 1936 ; Twenty-one Negro spirituals, Americana No. 3 / recorded by So. Carolina project workers, Effingham, South Carolina, 1937 ; Amateur night in Harlem, "That's why darkies were born" / by Dorothy West, 1938 ; Temple of grace / by Dorothy West, 1938 -- v. 3. Game songs and rhymes, interview with Mrs. Laura M / by Dorothy West, October 1938 ; Afternoon in a pushcart peddler's colony / by Frank Byrd, December 1938 ; Matt Henson, North Pole explorer retires / by Theodore Poston, 1938-1939 ; Midlothian, Illinois : a folklore in the making / by Alfred O. Phillipp, 1939 ; Cocktail party : personal experience, Harlem hostess / by Dorothy West, 1939 ; Down in the West Indies / by Ellis Williams, January 1939 ; Laundry workers / by Vivian Morris, March 1939 ; Worker's alliance / by Vivian Morris, May 1939 ; "Early in the morning" / sung by Hollis (Fat Head) Washington, May 23-25, 1939 ; "Got a woman on the bayou" / sung by Ross (Po' Chance) Williams, Field Holler, May 23-25, 1939 ; "If she don't come on de big boat" / sung by W.D. (Alabama) Stewart, Field Holler, May 23-25, 1939 ; Jim Cole, Negro packinghouse worker / by Betty Burke, July 1939 ; Negro life on a farm, Mary Johnson / by Mrs. Ina B. Hawkes, October 27, 1939 ; Coonjine in Manhattan / by Garnett Laidlaw Eskew, 1939 ; Harlem parties / by Al Thayer, as told to Frank Byrd, 1939-1940 ; Excerpt from Twelve million black voices / by Richard Wright, 1941 ; The woman at the well / by James Baldwin, 1941 ; In a Harlem cabaret / by O'Neill Carrington, 1942 ; Rendezvous with life : an interview with Countee Cullen / by James Baldwin, 1942 ; Executive order 9981 / issued by President Harry S. Truman on July 26, 1948 ; Taking Jim Crow out of uniform : A. Philip Randolph and the desegregation of the U.S. military--special report : the integrated military--50 years / by Karin Chenoweth ; Ralph Bunche biography, from Nobel lectures, peace 1950 ; Nobel Peace Prize winner Ralph Bunche, acceptance speech, 1950 ; FBI investigation of Malcolm X, 1925-1964 ; Supreme Court of the United States in Brown vs. Board of Education, 1954 ; Negro as an American / by Lyndon B. Johnson, Robert C. Weaver, Joseph P. Lyford, and John Cogley, 1963 ; President Lyndon B. Johnson's address before a joint session of the Congress, November 27, 1963 ; Excerpts from 78 Stat. 241, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 ; "The ballot or the bullet," delivered by Malcolm X in Cleveland, April 3, 1964 ; President Lyndon B. Johnson's radio and television remarks upon signing the Civil Rights Bill, July 2, 1964 --
The Voting Rights Act of 1965 ; The Equal Employment Opportunity Act, 1965 ; Statement on the articles of impeachment / by Barbara Charline Jordan, July 25, 1974 ; 1976 Democratic National Convention keynote address / by Barbara Charline Jordan, July 12, 1976 ; Q & A with singer Alberta Hunter / by talk show host Dick Cavett, 1978 ; 1984 Democratic National Convention address / by Jesse Jackson, July 18, 1984 ; 1988 Democratic National Convention address / by Jesse Jackson, July 19, 1988 ; Dorothy Gilliam interview, 1992 ; Oral history of bassist Chuck Rainey / by Will Lee, 1992 ; Minister Louis Farrakhan challenges black men--remarks made during the Million Man March, October 17, 1995 ; The oral history of Ruth Spaulding Boyd / interviewed by Serena Rhodie, 1996 ; The oral history of Nathaniel B. White / interviewed by Robb Carroll, 1996 ; From "Diana Ross" / by Jill Hamilton from Rolling Stone, November 13, 1997 ; Interview with Dr. William Anderson, June 16, 1998 ; The Temptations interview / by Billboard magazine, July 22, 2000 ; 2000 Democratic National Convention keynote address / by Congressman Harold Ford, Jr., August 15, 2000 ; Excerpts from "Al Foster : drummer, gentleman, scholar" / Modern drummer magazine, April 2003 ; Excerpts from "Steve Smith : confessions of an ethnic drummer" / by Bill Milkowski, Modern drummer magazine, May 2003 ; 2004 Democratic National Convention keynote address / by Barack Obama, July 27, 2004 ; 2004 Democratic National Convention address / by Reverend Al Sharpton, July 28, 2004 ; Cindy Birdsong : supreme replacement / by Jim Bagley, March 16, 2007 ; A more perfect union speech / Barack Obama, March 18, 2008 ; Barack Obama's election day speech, November 4, 2008.
Covers African American history in numerous documents; examples include speeches, articles, mission statements, ephemera, testimony, letters, sermons, prayers, spirituals/songs, slave narratives, memoirs, essays, interviews, and more.
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