Invader Zim. Volume 1 / writers, Jhonen Vasquez, Eric Trueheart ; penciller, Aaron Alexovich ; inker, Megan Lawton ; colorists, Simon "Hutt" Troussellier, Rikki Simons, Mildred Louis, Cassie Kelly ; color consultant, J.R. Goldberg ; letterer, Warren Wucinich
Novela Gráfica | Oni Press | 2016 | First edition.

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First edition.
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 26 cm
Collects Invader Zim issues #1-5.
"Years have passed since Zim was last spotted. Or maybe months? Definitely an amount of time, during which Dib, the only human on Earth who knows Zim's true identity, has grown more and more obsessed with discovering Zim's whereabouts. Dib has also grown ... well, he's grown. He's very large now. He's fused to his chair, he smells bad, and his sister hates him. Of course, that last part was always true."--Back cover.
Chapter 1 / writer, Jhonen Vasquez ; Chapter 2 / writer, Jhonen Vasquez, Eric Trueheart -- Chapter 3 / writer, Eric Trueheart -- Chapter 4 / writer, Eric Trueheart -- Chapter 5 / writer, Jhonen Vasquez.
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