Poems by Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell
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Title; Contents; POEMS BY CURRER BELL; Pilate's Wife's Dream; Mementos; The Wife's Will; The Wood; Frances; Gilbert; Life; The Letter; Regret; Presentiment; The Teacher's Monologue; Passion; Preference; Evening Solace; Stanzas; Parting; Apostasy; Winter Stores; The Missionary; POEMS BY ELLIS BELL; Faith and Despondency; Stars; The Philosopher; Remembrance; A Death-Scene; Song; Anticipation; The Prisoner; Hope; A Day Dream; To Imagination; How Clear She Shines; Sympathy; Plead for Me; Self-Interogation, ; Death; Stanzas to -; Honour's Martyr; Stanzas; My Comforter; The Old Stoic.
POEMS BY ACTON BELLA Reminiscence; The Arbour; Home; Vanitas Vanitatum, Omnia Vanitas; The Penitent; Music on Christmas Morning; Stanzas; If this Be All; Memory; To Cowper; The Doubter's Prayer; A Word to the ""Elect""; Past Days; The Consolation; Lines Composed in a Wood on a Windy Day; Views of Life; Appeal; The Student's Serenade; The Captive Dove; Self-Congratulation; Fluctuations; SELECTIONS FROM THE LITERARY REMAINS OF ELLIS AND ACTON BELL; SELECTIONS FROM POEMS BY ELLIS BELL; I; II -- The Bluebell; III; The Night-Wind; Love and Friendship; The Elder's Rebuke; The Wanderer from the Fold.
Warning and ReplyLast Words; The Lady to Her Guitar; The Two Children; The Visionary; Encouragement; Stanzas; SELECTIONS FROM POEMS BY ACTON BELL; Despondency; A Prayer; In Memory of a Happy Day in February; Confidence; Lines Written from Home; The Narrow Way; Domestic Peace; The Three Guides; Endnotes.
Fans of the Bronte sisters should add this remarkable volume of poetry to their must-read list. Initially released in 1846, this volume was the first work published by any of the sisters. In order to protect their identities and avoid the condescension often directed at female writers during the period, the Bronte sisters used gender-neutral pen names. Though the volume did not fare well commercially in its first printing, it became a success later after the sisters' novels gained popularity.
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