The acid watcher diet : a 28-day reflux prevention and healing program / Jonathan Aviv, MD, FACS
Book | Harmony Books | 2017 | First edition.

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First edition.
x, 293 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references (pages 264-278) and index.
Part I. Acid Disruption and Your Diet -- Dietary Acid Damage: Why We Should All Fear It -- Acid Reflux, Your Esophagus, and the Cancer Connection -- Inflamed: The Links Between Inflammation, Acid Reflux, and Weight Gain -- Seeking Treatment: What You Should Know When You See Your Doctor with a Throat Complaint -- Part II. Food and Lifestyle Prescriptions -- Understanding the Role of Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats in Healing Dietary Acid Damage -- The Fiber Gap and How to Bridge It -- Developing Your pH Savvy: The Truth About Acid/Alkaline Balance and "Healthy" Foods That People with Acid Reflux Should Avoid -- Breaking Acid-Generating Habits and Establishing Acid-Reduction Practices -- Part III. The 28-Day Blueprint for Reducing Acid Damage, Revving Up Metabolism, and Staying Healthy for Life -- The Healing Phase (Days 1 to 28) -- The Healing Phase Meal Planner with Recipes -- The Maintenance Phase Meal Planner with Recipes -- Getting pHit: What You Need to Know About Exercise for Acid Reflux Disease -- Living a Reflux-Free Life.
"Do you suffer from abdominal bloating; a chronic, nagging cough or sore throat; post-nasal drip; a feeling of a lump in the back of your throat; allergies; or a shortness of breath? If so, odds are that you are experiencing acid reflux without recognizing the silent symptoms. Even without the presence of heartburn or indigestion, more than 60 million people are suffering from acid-related disorders that are undetected or untreated--and leading to long-term health problems, including the rapid rise of esophageal cancer. Since there are no outward signs of acid damage and the typical symptoms might not be recognized, until now you might not have known how pervasive acid reflux is or that you have it. In The Acid Watcher Diet, Dr. Jonathan Aviv, one of the leading authorities on the diagnosis and treatment of acid reflux disease, helps readers identify those silent symptoms and provides his proven solution for reducing whole-body acid damage quickly and easily. His 28-day program includes a two-phase eating plan, menu guide, and recipes and works to immediately neutralize acid, stabilize pH levels, and relieve the inflammation at the root of acid reflux. Dr. Aviv's Power of Five rule will help readers discover the key foods that offer fast relief, and his Daily Six will reveal the foods to avoid (onion, tomato, citrus, and more). The Acid Watcher Diet's groundbreaking program is just what millions of readers need to reduce acid and balance their bodies and minds for optimal health"-- Provided by publisher.
"A groundbreaking program by one of the nation's leading experts on acid reflux to help the millions of diagnosed and undiagnosed sufferers identify the silent, potentially deadly symptoms and provide them with a proven 28-day eating plan to stop acid damage in its tracks"-- Provided by publisher.
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