Virtuous policing: bridging America's gulf between police and populace / David G. Bolgiano, L. Morgan Banks, III, James M. Patterson
Book | CRC Press | 2016

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xvii, 240 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
1. Introduction -- 2. Human operating system 1.0 -- 3. How America treats her warriors and the cults of tribalism and victimology -- 4. Virtuous leadership for law enforcement -- Courage -- Justice -- Self-control -- Competency -- 5. Virtuous policing and Maryland's own NSA -- 6. In defense of self and others in the ghetto : loss of right -- Facts -- discussion -- 30-foot rule explained -- Reasonableness of Tyrone Smith's use of force in defense of others -- 7. Murder in southern California (or cops emulating the TV show Cops) -- Facts -- 8. Officer Ray Bunn and Atlanta's injustice system -- 9. The overutilization of SWAT and the militarization of our police departments -- Fairfax County, Virginia : use of SWAT to kill an optometrist for gambling -- Albuquerque police SWAT arrest a homeless man in a suburban park -- 10. Being poor is not a crime -- 11. Peace officers versus professional law enforcement officers -- 12. When society embraces the bad guys : the sad song of Sergeant Johnnie Riley -- Discussion -- Misunderstanding the tactical dynamics of an encounter -- Action versus reaction -- Fight-or-flight response (emotional intensity) -- Wound ballistics -- How bullets work psychologically -- How bullets work physically -- In defense of self or others -- Mistake belief -- Due process violations -- 13. Redefining the role of state : back to a true liberalism -- 14. Police in our school systems -- Police Athletic League -- Police Explorers -- 15. On notice and the presumption of innocence -- Second Amendment -- Crime and weapons -- 16. How the lack of virtue undermines society itself -- The death of private property rights and America's future -- 17. The power of link analysis -- 18. The ugly and the good in police reformation -- 19. Some solutions -- Developing magnanimity within police officers and departments -- Professionalism in leadership -- Words of caution -- Getting out of the office and vehicles and back into the streets -- Information operations -- Keeping up with the state-of-the-art knowledge : competency in practice -- Fitness for duty -- Force Science Institute courses -- Federal Bureau of Investigation -- Sabbaticals and educational incentives -- Texts and professional reading materials.
"Addresses the growing division between members of the police and citizenry due to a number of factors, including the effects of some press members who are more interested in cultivating sensational stories of 'rogue' cops than in discovering and disseminating facts. Also, with the abundance of information--true and false--available on the Internet and the increasing utilization of social media, technology contributes to the rising friction between citizens and police"--Page 4 of cover.
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