Bug Girl. Fury on the dance floor / Benjamin Harper, Sarah Hines Stephens ; illustrated by Anoosha Syed.
Libro | Imprint | 2018 | First edition.

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First edition.
297 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Bug Girl ; 2
Harper, Benjamin. Bug Girl ; 2.
After discovering her bug powers and saving the town of Oyster Cove, Amanda "Bug Girl" Price and her ex-best friend Emily have spent the entire summer together in superhero training. But when the first day of seventh grade arrives, nothing has changed on the social front. Emily is as obsessed with popularity as ever, ignoring Amanda in favor of new-girl Geri, whose favorite activity is making fun of Amanda. When Geri reveals herself as the true villain bent on Oyster Cove's destruction at the school dance, Emily taps into her fury to help Bug Girl save the day.
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Fury on the dance floor
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125010663X (hardcover)
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