The case against impeaching Trump / Alan Dershowitz
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x, 150 pages ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references (pages [147]-150).
Introduction: The constitutional case against impeaching Trump -- Opening statements: The age of hyper-partisan politics. The partisan show is on the other foot ; When politics is criminalized ; When criminal law is weaponized for political gain ; I haven't changed; they have -- Trump: Accusations and realities. A partisan rush to prosecute Trump ; Why Donald Trump can't be charged with obstruction ; "Corrupt motive" is not a proper criterion for prosecuting a president ; The ruling shows I'm right on Trump and corruption ; No one is above the law ; Does Donald Trump have congressional immunity? ; Rod Rosenstein should not be fired, but should he be recused? ; On criminality and presidential advice -- Mueller and the need for a nonpartisan commission. Why did Mueller impanel a second grand jury in DC? ; Flynn plea reveals weakness, not strength, of Mueller probe ; Trump doesn't need to fire Mueller--here's why ; Desire to "get Trump" risks death of civil liberties ; Does the President have the right to expect loyalty from his Attorney General? ; The Nunes FISA memo deserves more investigation. Time for a nonpartisan commission ; Trump is right: the Special Counsel should never have been appointed -- Accountability, civil liberties, and Michale Cohen. The President has a special obligation to condemn the racist right ; Enough with the anti-Trump McCarthyism! ; Targeting Trump's lawyer should worry us all ; For ACLU, getting Trump trumps civil liberties ; The final nail in the ACLU's coffin ; "Firewalls" and "taint teams" do not protect Fourth and Sixth Amendment rights--we need a new law to protect lawyer-client communications ; The sword of Damocles ; The epic struggle for Michael Cohen's soul and testimony ; Federal Judge rightly rebukes Mueller for questionable tactics -- Trump's legal defense and moving forward. Trump's better off litigating than testifying ; The Trump defense ; You won't have any doubt at the end of this ; Can Trump pardon himself? The answer is: no one actually knows ; Trump will not pardon himself or testify in sex cases ; People confuse my advocacy ; Tweeting with POTUS -- Conclusion.
The author seeks to reorient the debate over impeachment to the same standard that Dershowitz has continued to uphold for decades: the law of the United States of America, as established by the Constitution.
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