Principles of computer science / editor, Donald R. Franceschetti
Book | Grey House Publishing | 2016

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xiii, 381 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
Includes bibliographical references (pages 337-359) and index.
"Provides students with an overview of the fundamentals of this [computer science]. Designed to provide users with a solid, easy-to-understand background to the key terms and subject matter of computer science."--Publisher description.
Publisher's Note; Editor's Introduction; Contributors; 3-D printing; Agile robotics; ALGOL; Algorithms; Android os; Application; Applied linguistics; Architecture software; ASCII; Assembly Language; Autonomic computing; Avatars and simulation; BASIC; Binary/hexadecimal representations; Biochemical engineering; Biomedical engineering; Biometrics; Biotechnology; C++; CAD/CAM; Cloud computing; Combinatorics; Communication technology; Comptia A+ certification; Computer animation; Computer Circuitry: Flip flops; Computer Circuitry: Semiconductors.
Computer memory; Computer modeling; Computer programming: Image editing; Computer programming: Music editing; Computer programming: Video editing; Computer Security; Computer-assisted instruction; Connection machine; Constraint programming; Control systems; CPU design; Cryptography; Deadlock; Debugging; Demon dialing/war dialing; Device drivers; Digital citizenship; Digital forensics; Digital signal processors; Digital watermarking; Dirty paper coding; DOS; Drones; Electronic circuits; Electronic communication software; Electronic waste; Encryption; Firewalls; Firmware; Fitbit; Fortran.
Functional design; Game programming; Graphical user interface; Graphics formats; Green computing; Information technology; Integrated development environments; Intelligent tutoring system; Internet privacy; iOS; LISP; Malware; Medical technology; Mesh networking; Metacomputing; Microprocessors; Microscale 3-D printing; Mobile apps; Mobile operating systems; Molecular Computers; Motherboards; Multiprocessing operating systems; Multitasking operating systems; Multithreading operating systems; Multitouch displays; Multi-user operating systems; Natural language processing.
Networking: routing and switches; Neural networks; Neuromorphic chips; Object-oriented design; Parallel processors; Personal health monitor technology; Personalized medicine; Privacy regulations; Programming languages; PROLOG; Quantum computers; Quantum computing; Random-access memory; Removable memory; Scaling systems; Signal processing; Smart homes; Software architecture; Software regulations; Software testing; Software-defined radio; Speech-recognition software; Turing machine; Turing Test; Unicode; UNIX; Web design programming tools; Web graphic design; Windows operating system; Wireframes; Wireless networks; Workplace monitoring.
History of Events Leading up to the Development of Modern Computers; Timeline of Microprocessors; The pioneers of computer science; Glossary; Bibliography; Index.
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