Business of platforms : strategy in the age of digital competition, innovation, and power / Michael A. Cusumano, Annabelle Gawer, David B. Yoffie
Book | HarperCollins Publishers | 2019 | First edition.

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First edition.
xi, 304 pages ; 23 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 247-281) and index.
Chapter 1. Platform thinking: Introduction -- Chapter 2. Winner take all or most: More than network effects -- Chapter 3. Strategy and business models: Innovation, transaction, or hybrid -- Chapter 4. Common mistakes: Mispricing, mistrust, mistiming and hubris -- Chapter 5. Old dogs and new tricks: Build, buy, or belong to a platform -- Chapter 6. Double-edged swords: Harness platform power, but don't abuse it -- Chapter 7. Looking forward: Platforms and the future.
The Business of Platforms is an invaluable, in-depth look at platform strategy and digital innovation. Cusumano, Gawer, and Yoffie address how a small number of companies have come to exert extraordinary influence over every dimension of our personal, professional, and political lives. They explain how these new entities differ from the powerful corporations of the past. They also question whether there are limits to the market dominance and expansion of these digital juggernauts. Finally, they discuss the role governments should play in rethinking data privacy laws, antitrust, and other regulations that could reign in abuses from these powerful businesses.
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