Formation : a woman's memoir of stepping out of line / Ryan Leigh Dostie
Libro | Grand Central Publishing | 2019 | First edition.

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First edition.
viii, 358 pages ; 24 cm
"Raised by strong women in a restrictive, sheltered Christian cult in New England, Ryan Dostie never imagined herself on the front lines of a war halfway across the globe. But then a conversation with an Army recruiter in her high-school cafeteria changes the course of her life. Hired as a linguist, she quickly has to find a space for herself in the testosterone-filled world of the Army barracks. She's able to hold her own until the unthinkable happens and she is raped by a fellow soldier. Struggling with trauma and a command hierarchy that doesn't trust her story, Dostie finds herself fighting through her isolation amid the challenges of an unexpected war. What follows is a sweepingly beautiful, riveting, and inspiring story of one woman's extraordinary journey to prove her worth, physically and mentally, in a world in which the odds are stacked against her."--Dust jacket.
Violation. How it happened ; What they want ; Exodus ; Quarters ; Classical conditioning ; Spoliation of evidence ; Shock and awe ; The last push before the end -- Conception. In the beginning ; Event horizon ; Suck it the fuck up, Buttercup ; Cry "havoc" ; Redacted ; Welcome ; JRTC ; Consumption -- Invasion. Entrenching ; Indiscriminate ; Filicide ; Respite ; The way we're trained ; Uninspired ; Ace of hearts and clubs ; What isn't mine ; Rage against the machine ; Monster in a box ; The way we break ; Reconstruction ; Getting out of Baghdad ; The ghosts of Al Kut ; Two miles out -- Desecration. Homecoming ; Your ending, my beginning ; Fight me, bitch ; The warworn's battle cry ; Just say the word ; Interim ; Tubthumping ; Belletristic ; The thing in my vagina ; Interim II ; The bat ; Dirty little whore ; The breaking point ; Interim III ; Closing.
9781538731536 (hardcover)
1538731533 (hardcover)
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