Heroism begins with her : inspiring stories of bold, brave, and gutsy women in the U.S. military / written by Winifred Conkling; illustrated by Julia Kuo
Libro | HarperCollins Children's Books, a division of HarperCollins Publishers | 2019 | First edition.

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First edition.
228 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references (pages 211]-221) and index.
Unexpected patriots: women in the Revolutionary War -- Margaret Corbin: ready! aim! fire! -- Deborah Sampson Gannett: a soldier's secret -- Prudence Cummings Wright: the women's militia -- Don't mess with Texas: women in the Mexican-American War -- Sarah Bowman Borginnes: an Honorary Colonel -- Elizabeth Caroline Newcom: the things we do for love -- Women warriors: women in the Civil War -- Dorothea Lynde Dix: founder of the first female nursing corps -- Sarah Emma Edmonds: master of disguise -- Jennie Hodgers: becoming Albert Cashier -- Susie King Taylor: the first African-American nurse -- Harriet Tubman: beyond the Underground Railroad -- Sarah Rosetta Wakeman: she kept her secret to the end -- Dr. Mary Edward Walker: Medal of Honor Winner -- Cathay Williams: from slave to soldier -- A new kind of soldier: women in the Spanish-American War and World War I -- Edith Ayres and Helen Wood: the first to die -- Genevieve and Lucille Baker: always ready -- Esther Voorhees Hasson: Army, Navy, Army -- Lenah Higbee: the Navy's Nurse -- Opha May Johnson: the first female Marine -- Dr. Anita Newcomb McGee: creating a professional nursing corps -- Loretta Perfectus Walsh: a new kind of soldier -- It's our war, too: women in World War II -- Angels of Bataan: serving to the end -- Margaret Bourke-White: images of war -- Jacqueline Cochran: a record-shattering career -- Carmen Contreras-Bozak: the first Hispanic woman to serve -- Dr. Margaret Craighill: yes, we can -- Susan Ahn Cuddy: the first Asian-American woman in the Navy -- Charity Adams Earley: you've got mail -- Annie G. Fox: cool under fire -- Joy Bright Hancock: riding the waves -- Oveta Culp Hobby: setting a new direction -- Grace Hopper: amazing grace -- Aleda E. Lutz: fearless in flight -- Elsie Ott: bringing nursing to the skies -- Claire Phillips: General MacArthur's spy -- Reba Z. Whittle: the silent prisoner of war -- Frances Wills, Harriet Pickens, and Mildred McAfee: three who dared -- Here to stay: women in the Korean War -- Staff Sergeant Barbara Barnwell: courage at sea -- Esther Blake: first in line -- Jonita Ruth Bonham: the nurse who forgot fear -- Eleanor C. L'Ecuyer: redefining the role of women -- Geraldine Pratt May: organizing the Air Force -- Breaking the brass ceiling: women in the Vietnam war -- Barbara J. Dulinsky: volunteering in Vietnam -- Alene B. Duerk: the Navy's first admiral -- Anna Mae Hays and Elizabeth P. Hoisington: the generals -- Reverend Alice M. Henderson: the first female chaplain -- Jeanne M. Holm: seeing stars -- Sharon Ann Lane: paying the ultimate price -- Barbara Ann Allen Rainey: earning her wings -- Approaching equality: women in the modern military -- Gwendolyn Bingham: the heart of a lion -- Colonel Eileen Collins: the greatest adventure on this planet, or off -- Sarah Deal: a pilot and a Marine -- Tammy Duckworth: a soldier and a senator -- Ann Elizabeth Dunwoody: answering the call -- Sherri Gallagher: soldier of the year -- Captain Kristen Griest and Lieutenant Shaye Haver: leading the way -- Marcelite J. Harris: breaking barriers -- Leigh Ann Hester: I was trained to do what I did -- Marina A. Hierl: first woman to lead an infantry platoon -- Katie Higgins: angels in the sky -- Lori Hill: into harm's way -- Patricia D. Horoho: America's medical expert -- Michelle J. Howard: redefining the role of women in the Navy -- Darlene Iskra: the opportune moment -- Shoshana Johnson: still standing -- Kathleen McGrath: aye, aye, ma'am -- Linda McTague: in command -- Marcella Hayes Ng: the first African American pilot -- Dr. Antonia Novello: the nation's doctor -- Lori Piestewa: first Native American woman killed in combat -- Coral Wong Pietsch: the first Asian American general -- Lori Robinson: I happen to be a woman -- Angela Salinas: something greater than myself -- Sandra Stosz: the student becomes the teacher -- Nadja West: I couldn't wait to sign up -- Sheila Widnall: head of the Air Force -- Janet Wolfenbarger: four stars in the Air Force.
A collection of more than 80 profiles about the brave women in the US military.
Otro Autor
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