Teaching when the world is on fire / edited by Lisa Delpit
图书 | The New Press | 2019


xxii, 241 pages ; 23 cm
Includes bibliographical references.
Politics matters. I shall create! / William Ayers -- Teaching politics in the age of Trump / Justin Christensen -- The three illusions / Julia Putnam -- Standing up against hate / Mica Pollock -- Yes, race and politics belong in the classroom / H. Richard Milner IV -- Safety matters. Cops or counselors? / Pedro A. Noguera -- How Hurrican Harvey altered my perspective as a teacher / Jeff Collier -- I was raised to believe education could keep me safe / fredrick scott salyers -- Calling on Omar / Carla Shalaby -- School justice / T. Elijah Hawkes -- Race matters. Don't say nothing / Jamilah Pitts -- Black teachers, black youth, and reality pedagogy / Christopher Emdin -- How one elementary school sparked a citywide movement to make black students' lives matter / Wayne Au and Jesse Hagopian -- The fire / Sarah Ishmael and Jonathan Tunstall in conversation -- Engaging and embracing black parents / Allyson Criner Brown -- Who do I belon to? / Natalie Labossiere -- To my sons' future teacher, colleague, sister/brother, co-madre, maestra, comrade, friend / Crystal T. Laura -- Gender and sex ed matter. Sexual harassment and the collateral beauty of resistance / Camila Arze Torres Goitia -- Believe me the first time / Dale Weiss -- Nothing about us, without us, is for us / Hazel Edwards and Maya Lindberg in conversation -- Climate matters. Climate science meets a stubborn obstacle: students / Amy Harmon -- Teachers vs. climate change / Bill Bigelow -- Culture matters. Teaching middle school students to advocate / Caroline Drake -- Why I teach diverse litterature / Noah Cho -- Love for Syria / Cami Touloukian -- Correct(ed): Confederate public history / James Loewen -- Creating inclusive classrooms for Muslim children / Deborah Almontaser -- Appendix: books on immigration for young readers / Jay Fung.
In Teaching When the World Is on Fire, Delpit turns to a host of crucial issues facing teachers in these tumultuous times. Delpit's master-teacher wisdom tees up guidance from beloved, well-known educators along with insight from dynamic principals and classroom teachers tackling difficult topics in K-12 schools every day.