Hacking and data privacy : how exposed are we? / edited by the New York Times editorial staff
Libro | New York Times Educational Publishing | 2019 | First edition.

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First edition.
223 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Looking forward
Looking forward (New York Times Educational Publishing)
Includes bibliographical references (pages 216-217) and index.
Introduction -- Breaching government security. Russia's D.N.C. hack was only the start - Robby Mook -- Hackers hit dozens of countries exploiting stolen N.S.A. tool / Nicole Perlroth and David E. Sanger -- Hackers hide cyberattacks in social media posts / Sheera Frenkel -- Using texts as lures, government spyware targets Mexican journalists and their families / Azam Ahmed and Nicole Perlroth -- He won praise for halting a global cyberattack. Then he was arrested / Daisuke Wakabayashi -- North Korean hackers stole U.S.-South Korean military plans, lawmaker says / Choe Sang-Hun -- The world once laughed at North Korean cyberpower. No more / David E. Sanger, David D. Kirkpatrick and Nicole Perlroth -- Security breach and spilled secrets have shaken the N.S.A. to its core / Scott Shane, Nicole Perlroth and David E. Sanger -- Lebanese intelligence turned targets' android phones into spy devices, researchers say / Nicole Perlroth -- The myth of the hacker-proof voting machine / Kim Zetter -- A cyberattack in Saudi Arabia had a deadly goal. Experts fear another try / Nicole Perlroth and Clifford Krauss -- Cyberattacks put Russian fingers on the switch at power plants, U.S.says / Nicole Perlroth and David E. Sanger -- Stealing corporate secrets. With ransomware, its pay and embolden perpetrators, or lose precious data / Mark Scott and Nicole Perlroth -- Why car companies are hiring computer security experts / Nicole Perlroth -- Electronic setups of driverless cars vulnerable to hackers / Nicole Perlroth -- A cyberattack 'the world isn't ready for' / Nicole Perlroth -- Mystery of motive for a ransomware attack : money, mayhem or a message? / Sheera Frenkel, Mark Scott and Paul Mozur -- Iranian hacker charged in HBO hacking that included 'Game of Thrones' script / Daniel Victor and Sheera Frenkel -- Uber hid 2016 breach, paying hackers to delte stoen data / Mike Isaac, Katie Benner and Sheera Frenkel -- When to report a cyberattack? For companies, that's still a dilemma / Craig A. Newman -- Our data, their data. The looming digital meltdown / Zeynep Tufekci -- Alexa, what happen to my car? / John R. Quain -- The latest data privacy debacle / Zeynep Tufekci -- Facebook's role in data misuse sets off storms on two continents / Matthew Rosenberg and Sheera Frenkel -- Facebook leaves its users' privacy vulnerable / by The New York Times -- Facebook's surveillance machine / Zeynep Tufecki -- How Facebook's data sharing went from feature to bug / Kevin Roose -- How researchers learned to use Facebook ' likes' to sway your thinking / Keith Collins and Gabriel J.X. Dance -- For many Facebook users, a 'last straw' that led them to quit / Tiffany Hsu -- How calls for privacy may upend business for Facebook and Google / David Streitfeld, Natasha Singer and Steven Erlanger -- Cambridge Analytica whistle-blower contends data-mining swung Brexit vote / Ellen Barry -- How to protect ourselves. Things you should do about the Equifax hack / Tim Herrera -- Making the lives of cybercriminals and spies harder online / Nicole Perlroth -- How Google's physical keys will protect your password / Brian X. Chen and Nicole Perlroth -- New Year's resolutions to protect your technology / Brian X. Chen -- What you need to do because of flaws in computer chips / Cade Metz and Brian X. Chen -- How to protect yourself from ransomware attacks / Brian X. Chen -- How to protect yourself (and your friends) on Facebook / Brian X. Chen -- How democracy can survive Big Data / Colin Koopman.
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