The dead don't wait / Michael Jecks
Libro | Crème do la Crime | 2019

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246 pages ; 23 cm.
Bloody Mary mystery ; bk. 4.
The Jack Blackjack Tudor mysteries
Jecks, Michael. Bloody Mary mystery ; bk. 4.
Jecks, Michael. Jack Blackjack Tudor mystery.
Jecks, Michael. Bloody Mary Tudor mystery.
A Bloody Mary Tudor mystery
"April, 1555. A priest has been stabbed to death in the village of St Botolph, to the east of the City of London, his body left to rot by the roadside - and Jack Blackjack stands accused of his murder. As well as clearing his name, Jack has his own reasons for wanting to find out who really killed the priest - but this is an investigation where nothing is as it seems. Was it a random attack by a desperate outlaw, or do the answers lie in the murdered priest's past? As he questions those who knew the dead man, Jack is faced with a number of conflicting accounts - and it's clear that not everyone can be telling him the whole truth. But Jack is about to be sidetracked from the investigation ... with disastrous consequences."--Publisher description.
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Dead do not wait
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