Had I known : collected essays / Barbara Ehrenreich
Libro | Twelve, an imprint of Grand Central Publishing | 2020 | First edition.
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First edition.
xvi, 364 pages ; 22 cm
A collection of articles and excerpts from Barbara Ehrenreich's long-ranging career that highlight her social consciousness and wry wit.
Introduction. Haves and Have-nots. Nickel-and-dimed: on (not) getting by in America -- How you can save Wall Street -- S&M as public policy -- Going to extremes: CEOs vs. slaves -- Are illegal immigrants the problem? -- What's so great about gated communities? -- Is it now a crime to be poor? -- A homespun safety net -- Dead, white, and blue: the great die-off of America's blue-collar white people. Health. Welcome to Cancerland -- The naked truth about fitness -- Got Grease? -- Our broken mental health system -- Liposuction: the key to energy independence -- The selfish side of gratitude. Men. How "natural" is rape? -- The warrior culture -- At last, a new man -- Patriarchy deflated. Women. Are women getting sadder? Or are we all just getting a lot more gullible? -- Our neighborhood porn committee -- Strategies of corporate women -- What Abu Ghraib taught me -- Making sense of La Difference-- Outclassed: sexual harassment (with Alissa Quart). God, Science, and Joy. Mind your own business -- The animal cure -- The missionary position -- The new creationism: biology under attack (with Janet McIntosh) -- Up close at Trinidad's carnival. Bourgeois blunders. Family values -- The cult of busyness -- Death of a Yuppie dream (with John Ehrenreich) -- The unbearable being of whiteness -- Is the middle class doomed? -- Welcome to Fleece U. -- Prewatched TV -- The recession's racial divide (with Dedrick Muhammad) -- Divisions of labor -- Throw them out with the trash: Why homelessness is becoming an Occupy Wall Street issue.
Includes bibliographical references (pages [351]-354) and index.
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