Guilt by accusation : the challenge of proving innocence in the age of #MeToo / Alan Dershowitz
Libro | Hot Books | 2019
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160 pages ; 24 cm
Introduction -- How I met Jeffrey Epstein -- "You've been accused" -- David Boies and his firm create a conflict of interest -- The chronology of a frame-up: the newly unsealed emails and manuscript -- Suitable for framing: Why me? -- Being exculpated -- The #MeToo movement: virtues, vices and suggested improvements -- A pattern of perjury suborned -- A mystery following Epstein's suicide: why did David Boies drop the ball against Leslie Wexner? -- The weaponization of the media to defame and sue -- I demand to be investigated -- Being sued for telling the truth: a grave danger to the First Amendment -- Conclusion: It could happen to you!
"In Guilt by accusation, Dershowitz provides an in-depth analysis of the false accusations against him, alongside a full presentation of the exculpatory evidence that proves his account, including emails from his accuser and an admission of his innocence from her lawyer, David Boies. Additionally, he examines current attitudes toward accusations of sexual misconduct, which are today, in the age of #MeToo, accepted as implicit truth without giving the accused a fair chance to defend themselves and their innocence, and suggests possible pathways back to a society and legal system in which due process is respected above public opinion and the whims of social media mobs."--Proved by publisher
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