Dealing with highly anxious people : smart tactics to cope with these people in your life / Nina W. Brown
Book | Praeger | 2019

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viii, 193 pages ; 25 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
"Provides easily implemented interventions and coping strategies for dealing with the worrier, complainer, nagger, or micromanager in your life"-- Provided by publisher.
"Normal anxiety is a coping mechanism and can be helpful at times, but when it becomes excessive it is troubling to the person who experiences it and to those who interact with them on a regular basis. In this book, author Nina W. Brown explains that the anxiety at issue here is not pathological but nevertheless can be dysfunctional to that person and others. A professor and eminent scholar, Brown focuses on four categories of everyday anxious people and explains some effective approaches we can take when interacting with these worriers, complainers, micromanagers, and naggers. She also helps readers to understand how their own personalities can contribute tot he reactions of a highly anxious person, how readers can build their psychological boundaries to keep themselves from being pulled into the anxious state,a nd how they can model more effective ways to behave and relate."--book jacket
Your anxiety is driving me crazy! -- Why and how you are affected by their anxiety -- Immediate coping strategies -- Advanced preparation: let others have their feelings -- Increase your effectiveness: become more helpful -- Their anxiety: some causes -- Anxious and self-absorbed -- The worrier and the complainer -- The micromanager and the nagger -- Reducing your stress and anxiety.
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Online version: Brown, Nina W., Dealing with highly anxious people 1. Barbara : Praeger, 2019. 9781440867668 (DLC) 2019025599
9781440867651 (hardcover)
1440867658 (hardcover)
9781440867668 (electronic book)
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