How to hold a grudge : from resentment to contentment : the power of grudges to transform your life / Sophie Hannah
Book | Scribner | 2020 | First Scribner trade paperback edition.

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First Scribner trade paperback edition.
vi, 260 pages ; 22 cm
Argues that readers can use grudge-holding to be their happiest, most optimistic, and most forgiving selves.
"Slights, snubs, emotional wounds, unprovoked attacks. They happen to us all. But aren't we supposed to just forgive, forget, and move on? Bearing a grudge is too negative, right? Wrong! Grudges, when held correctly, are an essential part of a healthy psychological diet. Internationally bestselling author and grudge guru Sophie Hannah has elevated the practice of grudge-holding to a fine art--one that can improve the quality of our relationships at home, at the office, and everywhere else people might annoy or offend us. Blending the practical with the philosophical, How to Hold a Grudge examines the origins of grudges and shows readers how to harness their power to transform sources of resentment into wellsprings of affirming, long-lasting contentment. With this brilliant and hilarious guide, you will be on the way to becoming your happiest, most optimistic, and most forgiving self, one grudge at a time."--Back cover.
Grudges can be great! -- What grudges are, what they aren't and what they should be -- The many different kinds of grudge -- How to grade a grudge -- Grudge is all around us -- Why we hold grudges--and why some people don't -- The grudge-fold path -- How to convert negative grudge energy into positive grudge energy -- Bad and invalid grudges -- The "grudget" : managing your grudge budget -- How to be a responsible grudge-holder -- Other grudge stories--a very short anthology.
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